Commentary: Crawl Space


Everybody Needs Some Space I encountered a nicely dressed couple from Europe at the beautiful new Miami Beach library on 22nd Street. I was typing a … [Read more...]

News: Support The Preservation Of Historic Homes


WORDS FROM THE MIAMI DESIGN PRESERVATION LEAGUE. The MDPL needs help from Miami Beach residents on May 8th at 5pm at the Miami Beach Commission … [Read more...]

Commentary: Miami Beach Historic homes


An Email From the Miami Design Preservation League Back on November 9, 2012, a group of volunteers from Miami Design Preservation League met with … [Read more...]

Commentary: Our Boston Marathon


April 17, 2013, 1:39am The day after this tragedy, I was reminiscing on the phone from Miami Beach with my mother in Cambridge, MA about all our good … [Read more...]

OpEd: Dolphin’s Want Taxpayer Funded Billionaire Welfare


   The Dolphin football organization is pursuing a deal with Florida state lawmakers that would provide the franchise with over $200 million in … [Read more...]

Op Ed: The U.S. Has One of the Worst Immigration Policies


With reference to article “Immigration plan bridges party gap,” The Miami Herald. Tuesday, 29 of January, 2013: It is amazing that while considering … [Read more...]

Op Ed: Case of the Missing Everglades Restoration Coverage


One of the oddest mysteries of last week is what happened to media coverage of the progress on Everglades restoration. Long Senate and House committee … [Read more...]

Commentary: The Fabulous Gay Minority of Hawaii


Honolulu, November 1998 Polenapa'a 'iaihoke aloha ikuleana like aikaua. (In love tightly bound, you and I share equal rights.) Many of Hawaii's … [Read more...]

OpEd: Why this epidemic? Why are we killing each other?

Twenty seven wooden stand in a yard down the street from the Sandy Hook School December 16 in Newtown. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

By Alejandro Arce Dear Mr. President: The whole country is in mourning because of the barbaric killing of innocent children and teachers in a town … [Read more...]