News: Free Shuttles To and From Miami Beach Fire on the Fourth Festival


Fourth of July celebrations move to the North Shore Park Bandshell in North Beach this year with a full day of festivities. The city has arranged free … [Read more...]

News: Live Streaming Underwater Video Event to Celebrate World Oceans Day


Every year on June 8 communities around the globe celebrate World Oceans Day as an opportunity to learn more about the ocean and take action to help … [Read more...]

News: ARFF, PETA Thank Levine for Ensuring No Animals Beaten on Beach

Mayor Phillip Levine

Bullhooks are weapons with a sharp metal hook on one end, and if you've been to a circus that uses elephants, chances are roughly 100 percent that … [Read more...]

News: Limited A Route returns to the Venetian Causeway


 A limited version of the A Route has resumed operation over the Venetian Causeway. Weight restrictions on the dilapidated bridge caused the service … [Read more...]

News: Second Thoughts


Shul School Re-thinks Zoning Change Request. A Miami Beach synagogue and its Montessori School have asked the City of Miami Beach to withdraw a … [Read more...]

News: These Are America’s 10 Most Dangerous Suburbs


Miami Beach is Number Three according to Real Estate Website. There’s a perception that suburbs are safer that their big city neighbors, but the … [Read more...]

News: Miami Beach Mayor Honors Volunteers that Serve Special Needs Population

Anthony Kennedy Shriver, Josue Duperon and Mayor Philip Levine

As Part of Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service, April 1. Mayor Philip Levine joined more than 1,000 mayors across the country for the … [Read more...]

News: Versace Mansion Reopens as Luxury Boutique Hotel


Villa Barton G Offers Guests A Night in Gianni Versace’s Former Bedroom. The Ocean Drive mansion where Gianni Versace lived and died is to reopen … [Read more...]

News: Romance Abounds


Miami Beach Named to the Ten Best Places For Singles In Florida List. If you’re hoping to find your special someone in this Sunshine State, these are … [Read more...]