News: Bike Lanes to Be Added to The Julia Tuttle Causeway


Bicyclists will soon have a much safer ride too and from Miami Beach as FDOT works on creating new and safer bike lanes to the Julia Tuttle … [Read more...]

News: TrAC, Miami’s First Political Action Committee Dedicated to Transit Lauches

Katy Sorenson

Miami’s new Transit Action Committee, or TrAC for short, a citizen-organized political action committee, is proud to announce its formation and … [Read more...]

News: Miami Beach Commission Candidates Leave Bower’s Group; New Candidate Joins


It's elections like these that max out the capacity of cliched musical-chair analogies. The SunPost won't add to it, but two candidates switched … [Read more...]

News: Neighborhood Preservation


MDPL ON THE STATUS OF SAVING MIAMI BEACH'S HISTORIC HOMES Various proposals to preserve the character of Miami Beach's residential neighborhoods are … [Read more...]

Walmart Due to Get Architectural Design Permit Today


Walmart has moved even closer to their goal of opening a new store in Midtown. the City of Miami has plans to issue the megastore with their … [Read more...]

News: Commissioner Jerry Libbin Resigns From Miami Beach Mayoral Race


Citing time constraints, Miami Beach Commissioner Jerry Libbin has ended his long-term quest to become Mayor of Miami Beach. Libbin, who has been a … [Read more...]

News Briefs:MCB School Offers Open House with Free Dance Classes


Miami City Ballet School is hosting a free Open House on Saturday, August 10, 2013 from 10 am to 4 pm featuring free half hour beginning adult ballet, … [Read more...]

News Brief: MOCA Offers Free Summer Programs for Kids


High School students are invited to develop their writing, photography and studio skills this summer at the MOCA Art Institute’s annual FREE Summer … [Read more...]

News Brief: Nominations Sought for Miami Beach Hispanic Heritage Month

Romero Britto

The Miami Beach Hispanic Affairs Committee has opened up nominations for the 2013 Hispanic Heritage Month Awards.  The Committee will select a winner … [Read more...]