News: Miami Beach Tax Payers Set to Identify Beach Problems


Open Forum Allows All to Have Their Say  By Anne Newport Royall The Miami Beach Taxpayers Association held its second general meeting in as many … [Read more...]

News: Bright Lights, City Lights


 How Many Bureaucrats Does it Take to Turn Off the Lights? By Jeffrey Bradley It’s midday, but overhead the streetlights are on. In an apparently … [Read more...]

News: Things Go Better With Coke?


A Resolution Approves  An Agreement Between The City And Coca Cola For An Exclusive  Marketing Partnership By Jeffrey Bradley The city resolution … [Read more...]

News: CSMP Submits Petition to Force Referendum on Lesser Punishment for Marijuana Use


By David Snelling As the city of Miami Beach prepares to craft out a difficult municipal budget for the next fiscal year and a fall election, elected … [Read more...]

News: New Community Center in Surfside Just What the Residents Asked For, Sort Of

Screen Shot 2012-10-06 at 5.52.52 PM

By John Zur The new community center in the Town of Surfside has welcomed hundreds of residents daily with overwhelmingly positive reviews pouring … [Read more...]

News: Underdog Gimenez Beats Robaina for County Mayor


By David L. Snelling After three months without a top brass to run a big bureaucracy, a general election, two weeks of campaign mudslinging and a … [Read more...]

News: Convention Center Expansion Project

Screen Shot 2012-10-06 at 5.39.32 PM

By David L. Snelling Following the Florida State Legislature’s decision to reject funding for the renovation of the historic Miami Beach Convention … [Read more...]

News: Scenic Miami-Dade County Fights Spam on a Stick


By John Zur Feeling bombarded by billboards hanging over I-95 or by giant posters on the sides of buildings en route to South Beach? You’re not … [Read more...]

News: Urban Beach Weekend: The City Speaks


By John Zur In the wake of the early morning shooting Memorial Day morning, that left Raymond Herisse dead, the City of Miami Beach is faced with a … [Read more...]