News: Back to School Bash at Flamingo Park

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Rain clouds that covered the sky for most of the day finally cleared up just in time for the end of the summer celebratory bash that was created by … [Read more...]

Profile: Alistair Powell & Shelly Northern


PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Alistair Powell & Shelly Northern – The Brits Who are you? Alistair: I’m the male half of … [Read more...]

News: Frustration is a Four-Letter Word


Miami Beach Town Hall Meeting Held to Discuss Memorial Day Weekend 2011 By Anne Newport Royall Less than 150 people sat about the cold and cavernous … [Read more...]

News: Miami Commission Candidate Donna Milo at TMBC: ‘Cronyism is at the Core of all Evils’

donna milo

By Anne Newport Royall If cronyism were the buzzword in a drinking game, and the beverage was the café con leche served at the Tuesday Morning … [Read more...]

News: Fired Miami Beach Cops Claims Blood Test Was Illegal


By John Zur Ex-Miami Beach police officer Derick Kuilan, whose ATV joyriding – with a woman he picked up at The Clevelander – resulted in two … [Read more...]

Profile: Nicola Siervo


PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Nicola Siervo – Miami Nightlife King Who are you? Nicola Siervo What do you do in real life? I make a … [Read more...]

News: Pieces of Pie

CJ Ortuno, Save Miami-Dade

The Miami Redistricting Hearings Analyzed By Anne Newport Royall As they stood, one by one, 30 or so Florida legislators rattled off the individual … [Read more...]

News: ‘Di+Sh’ Program Offers North Beach Discounts to Restaurants and Theater


By John Zur The City of Miami Beach has launched a pilot program called Di+Sh, which offers patrons of the Miami Beach Stage Door at the Byron … [Read more...]

News: Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club: Leggo My Pego


By Anne Newport Royall Miami Beach’s Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club met as usual this past Tuesday morning at David’s Café II, one door off … [Read more...]