News: Things Go Better With Coke?


A Resolution Approves  An Agreement Between The City And Coca Cola For An Exclusive  Marketing Partnership By Jeffrey Bradley The city resolution … [Read more...]

Profile: Michael Grieco


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News: CSMP Submits Petition to Force Referendum on Lesser Punishment for Marijuana Use


By David Snelling As the city of Miami Beach prepares to craft out a difficult municipal budget for the next fiscal year and a fall election, elected … [Read more...]

Profile: Alissa Christine


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News: New Community Center in Surfside Just What the Residents Asked For, Sort Of

Screen Shot 2012-10-06 at 5.52.52 PM

By John Zur The new community center in the Town of Surfside has welcomed hundreds of residents daily with overwhelmingly positive reviews pouring … [Read more...]

Profile: Bert E Brodsky


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News: Underdog Gimenez Beats Robaina for County Mayor


By David L. Snelling After three months without a top brass to run a big bureaucracy, a general election, two weeks of campaign mudslinging and a … [Read more...]

News: Convention Center Expansion Project

Screen Shot 2012-10-06 at 5.39.32 PM

By David L. Snelling Following the Florida State Legislature’s decision to reject funding for the renovation of the historic Miami Beach Convention … [Read more...]

Profile: Howie & Gail Sonnenschein


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