Politics: Distant Early Warning


Useful Idiots, the T&P Committee, the Demise of ART— And Kicking Parking Off Alton! By Jeffrey Bradley Anjem Choudary, the British Muslim … [Read more...]

Politics: A Walk in the Park That May Cost the Beach Dearly


Harold Strickland was walking home near Flamingo Park on a March night in 2009 when he observed two city cops roughing up another man, lying … [Read more...]

News: Show Your Pride!


Miami Beach Hosts Those That Helped Make it Infamous Long before South Beach started to look like a never-ending sequel to Spring Break Massacre, … [Read more...]

News: Cheat the Reaper


Mock DUI Car Crash Teaches Teens the Reality of Drinking and Driving Just days before the senior prom, a live, simulated DUI car crash presentation … [Read more...]

Politics: Civilian Oversight – Now


City Mustn’t Let the Cops Police Themselves The March 26 crowd-vs.-cops confrontation on the beach at 9th St. – which, thanks to postings of various … [Read more...]

Politics: Event Horizon


By Jeffrey Bradley “Passage of the commission-proposed charter amendments only serves to provide the commission with greater power, larger salaries, … [Read more...]

News: Berke Proposes New Casino Development


Miami Beach Mayoral candidate Steve Berke took umbridge with Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower and the Miami Beach City Commission at a press conference, … [Read more...]

Politics: Throw Momma From The Train

Club Madonna

Full frontal nudity and the Prince of Darkness! By Jeffrey Bradley Here’s a little sordid something to put away under the X-rated Files. According … [Read more...]

Politics: So, Guv: Will U P in Cup, 2?

Screen Shot 2012-10-07 at 11.40.18 PM

Social Networking with Slick Oh, how we miss you already, Charlie Crist. Pretty soon, at the rate your successor and his Legislature friends (or … [Read more...]