Politics: Transit Wasteland


We’re Taking the Bus. If We’re Not There By Six Don’t Wait  By Jeffrey Bradley In a town where the Planning Director deems gridlock “a sign of … [Read more...]

Politics: Now That Neil’s Gone, Radio Won’t Be the Same


My Christmas Day was made somber, somewhat, when I picked up the paper and discovered to my sad surprise that Neil Rogers’ voice, the previous day, … [Read more...]

Profiles: Yaddyra Peralta


  PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Yaddyra Peralta – Lady Wordslinger Who are you? I am a poet-writer, a member of the … [Read more...]

Politics: Don’t Drink the Snail Mucus, Especially from a Shrek Cup


On the subject of New Year’s Day resolutions, Mark Twain (whose autobiography just this year, a century after he started pushing up daisies, made it … [Read more...]

Politics: Gunfight At Miami-Dade Corral


  Transit style, that is By Jeffrey Bradley The bad guys are in town. They’re down at the OK corral, awaiting a shoot-out. But these aren’t … [Read more...]

Politics: We Now Rudely Interrupt Your Festive Holiday Spirit


Listen up all you lint-brained hordes of South Florida.  Yes, the calendar shows that week’s end is the high holy day of gift wrap ripping and gut … [Read more...]

Politics: There’s No Joy In Mudville


Mighty Jorge has Struck Out By Jeffrey Bradley If the Rule of Three obtains—in our book it surely does—as in, Three strikes, yer out! (or in for … [Read more...]

Politics: Come to Jamaica Now, Mon – It’ll Be Gone in 70 Yrs


(or) Come to Jamaica, Mon – Before It Disappears Another regrettable casualty of last month’s midterms, in which millions of stupid voters chose to … [Read more...]

Profile: Andrew Rothschild


PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Andrew Rothschild – Who are you? A father, a husband, a Chef, and a businessman who believes in building … [Read more...]