Politics: 2 Bored First Ladies = Catfight. MrrrOWR!


Our peripatetic secretary of state has been working her pants(uit) off in recent weeks, squiring Netanyahu and Abbas to the negotiating table to hash … [Read more...]

Profile: Edward Beiner


  PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Edward Beiner – Trendsetter Who are you? Son, husband and father, eyewear designer and … [Read more...]

News: Miami Beach Wants You! (to pay higher taxes)

mb city hall

Commission Approves Property Tax Hike By Joshua Malina Miami Beach residents should be prepared to reach a little deeper into their pockets for the … [Read more...]

Politics: Bridge To Nowhere

West Avenue-Collins Canal Bridge

Krispy Korans, too By Jeffrey Bradley Where’s Sarah Palin when we need her? Perhaps she’s trying to figure out the City’s latest … [Read more...]

Politics: Glenn Beck, You Dreck


From his vantage point high above one end of the National Mall, the Great Abe has a majestic view of some of our capital city’s most prestigious … [Read more...]

Profile: Amanda Tae


PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Amanda Tae – Dance Choreographer Who are you? My name is Amanda Tae and I’m the director of Focal Point … [Read more...]

Bed Race Mania

Screen Shot 2012-11-02 at 9.56.11 PM

Grand Avenue and Commodore Plaza replaced cars with beds and welcomed visitors, residents and fans of bed racing to the streets of Coconut Grove. The … [Read more...]

Politics: Shhh! Don’t Wake the Dead! They Need Their Sleep


Those damn killjoys are at it again.  Drat! The City of Miami wants to construct a skateboard park on a parcel of land next door to the historic … [Read more...]

Politics: Shoulda Been Elected

Gabrielle Redfern

  By Jeffrey Bradley Budget decisions are kinda like querulous in-laws; hard to take, but affecting you only about once a year. So the proposed … [Read more...]