News: Parking on South Beach Gets More Expensive


By Joshua Malina South Beach just got a little more expensive for visitors and those doing business around the city’s southernmost region. Last … [Read more...]

News: Club Madonna Seeks Fair Play from Commission Once Again

Club Madonna

Up and down Washington Avenue, nightclubs that tickle the fancy of regional alcohol distributors advertisers, peddle their entertainment. One promises … [Read more...]

Politics: The King is a Fink! The King is a Fink!


When last I visited the matter five weeks ago, Norman the Auto Magnate was only threatening to summon up the punitive powers of a recall campaign … [Read more...]

Politics: Strictly Existential

carlos noriega

  All too true, and all too late, memes like these spread quicker’n a biological agent By Jeffrey Bradley Whiteflies are little winged buggies … [Read more...]

Profile: Tara Rose


PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Tara Rose – Dream Maker Who are you? Tara Rose, owner of Ring Finger Studio What do you do in real life? … [Read more...]

News: Protesting Miami


To protest the latest budget from Miami Commissioners, thousands of police officers and firefighters took to the streets last Friday to put a voice to … [Read more...]

Politics: South Flori-duh + 10


“Maggot shit!” she blurted. “These people here are lower than maggot shit.” My friend was royally pissed.  She had been on the phone with a customer … [Read more...]

Politics: Slippery Slope

Jorge Gonzalez

Where there’s smoke there’s fire… By Jeffrey Bradley Waves along the Skeleton Coast shoal thunderously before they curl, hissing and white, over the … [Read more...]

Profile: Sasha Lauzon and Michelle Leshem


PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Sasha Lauzon and Michelle Leshem – DJ's Ess & Emm Who are you? M: 2 best friends who dj around … [Read more...]