Politics: Tar Balls On The Way!


BP.  Call them irresponsible.  Careless.  Vile, greedy, profit-driven, nature-polluting, wildlife-poisoning, blue collar job-killing … [Read more...]

Profiles: Tamra Sheffman

flying for cause

  PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Tamra Sheffman and Becky Ritter – Flying For the Cause Who doesn’t like to fly? Or … [Read more...]

News: Local Contingent Preparing for Pride in Gotham

Pride Fest NYC

Although it remains unclear who will make up the entire contingent, Miami Beach will have a visible presence at New York City Gay Pride Parade 2010 on … [Read more...]

News: Flamingo Tennis Renovation Drama Continues


The same week that a host of accusations of wrongdoing on the part of contracted management at the tennis center at Flamingo Park was posted on a … [Read more...]

Politics: That Oily FDOT


By Jeffrey Bradley We recently attended two FDOT (stands for Florida Department Of Transportation, not Friggin’ Defense Of Traffic) workshops … [Read more...]

Politics: A Womb With a View


Republicans have long espoused less government.  Particularly, this spring, when they wanted it to stay the hell out of Americans’ health care.  … [Read more...]

Profile: Air Race Chics


PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Kristen Jurn and Mayte Greco – Short Race Chics On June 22 Ft Myers’ Page Field will be a-rumble … [Read more...]

Profile: Paul Schwieger & Tony Major


PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Paul Schwieger and Tony Major – Father & Son Events Who are you? Tony Major and Paul Schwieger: … [Read more...]

Politics: As goes San Fran, So May Go the Rest of Us


(EN ROUTE FROM SAN FRANCISCO) – I didn’t get a glimpse of it, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. A blanket of clouds beneath my jet obscured … [Read more...]