Politics: Traffic Flaw As A Draw

clean air

By Jeffrey Bradley After a decade-plus of wheeler-dealers who skipped town after racking up a fortune playing politics and leaving the Beach holding … [Read more...]

Politics: Unhappy with 2010? Blame the Damn Volcano!


What a year – I mean, half year.  Can you believe it?  2010 is already half gone:  Earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.  Health care reform becomes law.  … [Read more...]

Politics: Battle Royale

bike lane

By Jeffrey Bradley Back in the day when we lived there, we waged war in concert with these FPNA “Fighting Flamingos” to move causes like the 63 … [Read more...]

Profile: Chris Russo


PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Chris Russo – Fitness Fanatic Who are you? I am a transplanted New Yorker who came to Florida with … [Read more...]

Politics: Good Ford


Even Ford and Edison Saw the Impropriety of the Gas-driven Car By Jeffrey Bradley Edison, Burroughs & Ford Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were … [Read more...]

Politics: Tar Balls On The Way!


BP.  Call them irresponsible.  Careless.  Vile, greedy, profit-driven, nature-polluting, wildlife-poisoning, blue collar job-killing … [Read more...]

Profiles: Tamra Sheffman

flying for cause

  PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Tamra Sheffman and Becky Ritter – Flying For the Cause Who doesn’t like to fly? Or race—especially … [Read more...]

News: Local Contingent Preparing for Pride in Gotham

Pride Fest NYC

Although it remains unclear who will make up the entire contingent, Miami Beach will have a visible presence at New York City Gay Pride Parade 2010 on … [Read more...]

News: Flamingo Tennis Renovation Drama Continues


The same week that a host of accusations of wrongdoing on the part of contracted management at the tennis center at Flamingo Park was posted on a … [Read more...]