Politics: Perk Up!

Seymour Gelber

Your City Leaders Make Damn Sure They’re Well-Gifted  I met my confidential City Hall source (who, for lack of anything more clever, I’ll call Husky … [Read more...]

Politics: Which Doctor Painted What?


By Jeffrey Bradley Here’s a typical Miami Beach imbroglio for you: Toronto artist Franklin Sinanan put six paintings and one sculpture on display … [Read more...]

Politics: Thumbing His Nose At Us

Carlos Alvarez

To the End, Alvarez Shows His Contempt So this is what desperation smells like. In the beginning, it was the odor of dollars – tens of thousands – … [Read more...]

Politics: Clear the Tracks! Rick’s on a Roll(over)

linda young1

Well, we all figured it was only a matter of time before the Slick Rick Demolition Express came a-barrelin’ down the tracks at breakneck speed, … [Read more...]

Politics: Pay Me $8 to Stare at Me and I’ll Throw in Lunch


Yep, the end of days must surely be imminent. Thousands of your cerebrally-challenged neighbors and mine – who evidently don’t believe they’ve been … [Read more...]

Politics: Man Bites Dog, Only in Miami Beach…

bite dog

By Jeffrey Bradley What anywhere else in the world would call “crazy” in this topsy-turvy place is just another day in the life of. So call it weird; … [Read more...]

Politics: Transit Wasteland


We’re Taking the Bus. If We’re Not There By Six Don’t Wait  By Jeffrey Bradley In a town where the Planning Director deems gridlock “a sign of … [Read more...]

Politics: Now That Neil’s Gone, Radio Won’t Be the Same


My Christmas Day was made somber, somewhat, when I picked up the paper and discovered to my sad surprise that Neil Rogers’ voice, the previous day, … [Read more...]

Politics: Don’t Drink the Snail Mucus, Especially from a Shrek Cup


On the subject of New Year’s Day resolutions, Mark Twain (whose autobiography just this year, a century after he started pushing up daisies, made it … [Read more...]