Politics: Sign Obama’s B-Day Card


Obama fans can get their name on the official birthday card for the president. Every year, the Obama family tries to come up with a fun way to wish … [Read more...]

Politics: The Commissar’s In Town


By Jeffrey Bradley Unions have served well during good-faith collective bargaining with business and industry, but less so when taking a stonewalling … [Read more...]

Politics: CRUUUNCH! Mayor Wrecks His – Er, Our – New BMW

Carlos Alvarez

Was it something I wrote, Mayor? You don’t think, do ya, that Carlos Alvarez might have had my column about him from a few weeks ago on his mind when … [Read more...]

Can’t Say That: Chewing the Fat


“The South shall rise again!” …If, that is, it ever can pull its fat gut out from the dinner table under which it’s wedged, and away from plates and … [Read more...]

Politics: Control-Alt-Delete Poof!


By Jeffrey Bradley Welcome to Miami, sixth most congested city in the nation. Worse, even, than Los Angeles, that poster city for car-culture run … [Read more...]

Politics: Putting ‘The Breaks’ On Parking


By Jeffrey Bradley Would you co-sign a $70,000.00 car loan today if somebody asked you? No doubt your answer would be a resounding ‘No!’ because in … [Read more...]

Politics: “Ma’am, drop the Cookie Puss – Now!”


Lost in all the attention sucked up by Lindsay Lohan’s probation violation sentencing last week was an incident – from some weeks earlier – involving … [Read more...]

Politics: Carlos the Arrogant


If public corruption, wrongdoing, impropriety – any of it – were to rear up and bite Carlos Alvarez on the hiney, or slap him upside his face, it is … [Read more...]

Politics: Unhappy with 2010? Blame the Damn Volcano!


What a year – I mean, half year.  Can you believe it?  2010 is already half gone:  Earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.  Health care reform becomes law.  … [Read more...]