Politics: Green Eggs And WiFi


By Jeffrey Bradley A project requires three “legs” for successful completion: time, quality and money. Otherwise, it’s like fixing again and again a … [Read more...]

Politics: So, what’s the Herald got against porn?


Once again the Miami Herald doesn’t have their facts straight or a clue about what they’re talking about.  Which of course has never prevented them … [Read more...]

Politics: A Piece of the Action


By Jeffrey Bradley If this is spring, it must be pay raise time. Indeedy; there’s money in the air: our Miami-Dade commissioner friends are seeking a … [Read more...]

Politics: Pass the Bowl of Sh–, Please


Abigail DuBearn is probably special-ordering a bumper sticker right now that declares: “I’M THE PROUD PARENT OF AN HONOR STUDENT WHOSE PRINCIPAL HAS … [Read more...]

Politics: Big Fish


By Jeffrey Bradley “Try not. Do or do not. Trying is nothing.” —Yoda: Return Of The Jedi “Resolved:  Encourage the city of Miami Beach to support … [Read more...]

Politics: Their Only Hope — A Woman Pope


A good woman is soon to leave County Hall at a time when we desperately need more like her. Infinitely more. These are Katy Sorenson’s final months … [Read more...]

Politics: Down In The Park With A Friend Called Five


By Jeffrey Bradley South of Filth Residents continue to take comfort in limiting activities in their park. In fact, many battle-weary South of Fifth … [Read more...]

Politics: South of Fifth Redux


By Jeffrey Bradley We weren’t there personally, but we understand things very nearly went off the rails. Our spies—they’re legion—came away from this … [Read more...]

Politics: What’s All The Hubbub, Bub?


  By Jeffrey Bradley By the rumblings out of South Pointe, you’d think the Beirut Green Line had been dragged 3000 miles west to become a line … [Read more...]