Politics: For Pete’s Sake, Give Madonna A Trial Liquor Period Already


Foes, City Have Hardly Aquitted Selves Well In Feud with Club Owner It's been 80 years since one of the most sweeping social experiments ever … [Read more...]


 To: The City of Miami Beach From: The Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics and Public Trust Re: City of Miami Beach/Club Madonna Date: January … [Read more...]

Politics: We Are Being Snookered

Frank Del Vecchio

City Hall's Most Crucial Decision in Years Was A Sloppy, Flubbed One, Critic Charges. It is a foolhardy thing to provoke the anger of the electorate, … [Read more...]

Politics: A Tragic Case In Which Blame was Misplaced


And, Mayoral Contest Tops Million-Dollar Mark. The blame for Trayvon Martin's death lies not with one person but three, and none of them is named … [Read more...]

Politics: Mr. City Attorney: The Fibber In Your Office? Fire Him

Judge Victoria Sigler

And, Somebody's Recall of the Old Days Sure Doesn't Sync With Reality. “Darn right insultful.” Those, the words of Judge Victoria Sigler in a … [Read more...]

Politics: Micky Steinberg Declares for Miami Beach Commission


Having grown up in Mid-Beach, Micky Steinberg understands the value of having a strong quality of life for Miami Beach residents and businesses. A … [Read more...]

Politics: Mayor Matti Bower Files to Run for Commission

Mayor Matti Bower

Ending the speculation and whispers, Mayor Matti Bower officially filed papers last week to run for a seat on the Miami Beach City Commission this … [Read more...]

Profile: Austyn Weiner

Austyn Weiner

PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Austyn Weiner – Art Photographer Who are you? I have a vision and will not let the boundaries of … [Read more...]

Politics: Stonewalling Proves MBPD Has Learned Little to Nothing


And, The Unfortunate, Incredibly Shrinking Mr. Kramer. It was supposed to happen after Ray Martinez was promoted to the job of police chief in April … [Read more...]