Politics: Distant Early Warning


Useful Idiots, the T&P Committee, the Demise of ART— And Kicking Parking Off Alton! By Jeffrey Bradley Anjem Choudary, the British Muslim … [Read more...]

Politics: A Walk in the Park That May Cost the Beach Dearly


Harold Strickland was walking home near Flamingo Park on a March night in 2009 when he observed two city cops roughing up another man, lying … [Read more...]

Politics: Civilian Oversight – Now


City Mustn’t Let the Cops Police Themselves The March 26 crowd-vs.-cops confrontation on the beach at 9th St. – which, thanks to postings of various … [Read more...]

Politics: Event Horizon


By Jeffrey Bradley “Passage of the commission-proposed charter amendments only serves to provide the commission with greater power, larger salaries, … [Read more...]

Politics: Throw Momma From The Train

Club Madonna

Full frontal nudity and the Prince of Darkness! By Jeffrey Bradley Here’s a little sordid something to put away under the X-rated Files. According … [Read more...]

Politics: So, Guv: Will U P in Cup, 2?

Screen Shot 2012-10-07 at 11.40.18 PM

Social Networking with Slick Oh, how we miss you already, Charlie Crist. Pretty soon, at the rate your successor and his Legislature friends (or … [Read more...]

Politics: Nattering Nabobs of Nuttiness—And Bicycle Lanes Too


Say It Ain’t So, Joe. And Why Indian Creek’s Too Dangerous For Bikes By Jeffrey Bradley Recently, gaffe-prone Vice President Joe Biden compared … [Read more...]

Politics: A Tale of Two Georges


Not the Best of Times for Either IT WAS THE worst of times, and it was, well, not quite the best of times.  It was the season of economic recession, … [Read more...]

Politics: Not Feeling The Love

41st Street in Miami Beach

It’s Hard to Get With These Pedestrian “Improvements” That Make the Cars Go Faster By Jeffrey Bradley You might think after the many angst-filled … [Read more...]