Miami Police Deems Critical Mass Unsafe


The Miami Police Department has put Critical Mass Miami on notice. They have the certified mail receipt to prove it. On Wednesday in front of a … [Read more...]

Racist Taunts Escalate At Museum Of Contemporary Art North Miami Feud

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami will not be hiring Babacar M’Bow, the city’s nominee, as its new director, reports the Miami … [Read more...]

Second Look?


HPB MAY HEAR LINCOLN ROAD DEVELOPMENT ITEM AGAIN. Miami Beach’s Historic Preservation Board (HPB) might have the opportunity to vote on August 12 to … [Read more...]

Sacred Ground


DEVELOPMENT ON CHURCH PROPERTY OUTRAGES MANY CONGREGANTS, RESIDENTS. Word that the Miami Beach Community Church on Lincoln Road, quickly and quietly, … [Read more...]

Happy Hour


MIAMI BEACH APPROVES ALCOHOL SALES IN MOVIE THEATERS. Last week, the Miami Beach City Commission approved the sale of alcohol in movie theaters. The … [Read more...]

Coming Soon!


NORTH BEACH SENIOR CENTER IS BACK ON TRACK. After years of languishing, the opening of the senior center at 72nd Street and Collins Avenue, Bandshell … [Read more...]

Trolley Time!


NORTH BEACH IN LINE FOR NEW TRANSIT OPTION. Although it's been talked about for years, and very seriously so the past year or two, north Miami Beach … [Read more...]

The Advocate


MAYOR LEVINE TAKES BEACH FLOOD CONCERNS TO D.C. OFFICIALS. Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine has taken City efforts to address potential flooding and … [Read more...]

Baylink Part Deux


CITY HAS MIXED FEELINGS ON POTENTIAL NEW RAIL LINK TO MAINLAND. Renewed discussions about the possibility of a light-rail system connecting downtown … [Read more...]