Miami Book Fair International 2010: A Biased Guide

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Books, like people, come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Sure, their general make up– binding, page, ink – is pretty much of a form (come to think of … [Read more...]

Puff, Puff…Pass?

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Miami Beach likely to be next battleground for marijuana pro-legalization effort California voters might have rejected a statewide referendum vote … [Read more...]

Circus of Lost Souls

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Save Dade Throws A Hellrotika Fundraiser for Gay Equality You might say it was a match made in cartoon Hell. A decade and a half ago, David Treece … [Read more...]

Citizen (Raising) Cain

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Norman Braman is Mad As Hell and He Isn’t Going to Take it Anymore It isn’t the first time that Braman, one of South Florida’s highest profile and … [Read more...]

Reel Dilemma

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Is There an Arthouse War Brewing in Coral Gables? Robert Rosenberg is acting positively giddy.  “Would you like to see the projection room?” he asks … [Read more...]

Breakfast Clubbing

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In the landmark John Hughes- 80s Brat Pack flick, The Breakfast Club, a diverse group of misfits find commonality and friendship accompanied by Simple … [Read more...]

Native Son

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Alex Daoud isn’t done putting his imprint on his beloved Miami Beach Once upon a time the name Alex Daoud was synonymous with political corruption, … [Read more...]

Musical Beach

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Premiere of Miami Beach – The Musical set for October It’s a ubiquitous memory of bad, family television from decades ago. The quirky family elects … [Read more...]

Save The Gusman

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Can Miami’s Original Flagship Stay Afloat? Picture this: a scrawny high school kid, his too cute girlfriend, and her equally fetching best friend. … [Read more...]