School Ties


CITY OF MIAMI BEACH WANTS TO IMPROVE AREA SCHOOLS. While in South Florida, public schools fall under the auspices of Miami-Dade County that doesn't … [Read more...]

Veteran Perspective


LONGTIME COMMISSIONER SENSES NEW ATMOSPHERE IN CITY HALL. Over the past few years, during which many saw the Miami Beach City Commission as a … [Read more...]

Commission Cohesion


City of Miami Beach Commission Supports Levine's Convention Center Plan. Just days after announcing a scaled-down vision for the future renovation of … [Read more...]

Promise Kept

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MAYOR TAKES LEAD ON NEW CONVENTION CENTER APPROACH. Over the course of the 2013 Miami Beach election cycle, it was one of the issues that energized … [Read more...]

Person of the Year 2013

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THE MIAMI BEACH VOTER The person, or collective embodiment of a people, who, for better or worse, most impacted or influenced our local community in … [Read more...]

Change Agent

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NEW MAYOR BELIEVES MANDATE FOR CHANGE WILL GUIDE COMMISSION. When Miami Beach voters elected businessman Philip Levine as mayor of Miami Beach in … [Read more...]

The Mover

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REALTOR HOWARD CHASE IS PART OF A NEW WAVE OF YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS DOING BUSINESS ON THE BEACH. ┬áThere is a new and powerful group of entrepreneurs … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Artist Carlito Dalceggio

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Tonight at Ricart Gallery, 444 NW 28th St - you'll know you're there when you see Pinocchio on the corner of the rooftop surveying the streets of … [Read more...]

Live Art Blog: MANA

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Mana Miami Production Village in Wynwood, with it's close to 140,000 sq ft of vast, raw space, is the host of a plethora of all things artistic during … [Read more...]