Art Deco Weekend 2013


At it's core, Art Deco Weekend, now in its 36th year, is the Miami Design Preservation League's celebration of Ocean Drive. Celebrating the Art Deco … [Read more...]

Modern Movement

Sunset Harbour garage

High-End Architects Turn Beach Parking Garages into Statements in Style Zaha Hadid, the celebrated London-based architect known for her sinuous … [Read more...]

The SunPost’s First Annual: PERSON OF THE YEAR


The person, or collective embodiment of a people, who, for better or worse, most impacted or influenced our local community in 2012 is... The Angry … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays!


[Read more...]

A Diary of the Grit and Ritz

AMC Image 12.3 Feel the Magic Todd James Gering Lopez Gallery

Miami’s Annual All-You-Can-Eat-Brain-Food-Buffet We set out thinking anything was possible. It was a noble cause – a righteous one, even, as we … [Read more...]

Art Basel: The Collectors


Top Collectors Accentuate the Art Basel Experience The eyes of the art world collectively turn on South Florida for this week’s incarnation of Art … [Read more...]

Our (con) Man at City Hall


Contractors Won Unfair Advantage on City Projects – Thanks to a Top Official Who, While Working For You, Was Padding His Own Pockets. Gustavo … [Read more...]

Late Entry


Miami Beach's Search for a City Manager Gets Shaken Up as Native Son Jimmy Morales Vies For the Job Former Miami-Dade Commissioner and one-time … [Read more...]

Miami-Dade, the Can’t Count County

Standing in long lines to vote in Miami.

An Angry Public Explodes  To be fair, the fiasco wasn't limited to Miami-Dade. Other counties throughout the state – including Duval … [Read more...]