Modern Movement

Sunset Harbour garage

High-End Architects Turn Beach Parking Garages into Statements in Style Zaha Hadid, the celebrated London-based architect known for her sinuous … [Read more...]

The SunPost’s First Annual: PERSON OF THE YEAR


The person, or collective embodiment of a people, who, for better or worse, most impacted or influenced our local community in 2012 is... The Angry … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays!


[Read more...]

A Diary of the Grit and Ritz

AMC Image 12.3 Feel the Magic Todd James Gering Lopez Gallery

Miami’s Annual All-You-Can-Eat-Brain-Food-Buffet We set out thinking anything was possible. It was a noble cause – a righteous one, even, as we tried … [Read more...]

Art Basel: The Collectors


Top Collectors Accentuate the Art Basel Experience The eyes of the art world collectively turn on South Florida for this week’s incarnation of Art … [Read more...]

Our (con) Man at City Hall


Contractors Won Unfair Advantage on City Projects – Thanks to a Top Official Who, While Working For You, Was Padding His Own Pockets. Gustavo “Gus” … [Read more...]

Late Entry


Miami Beach's Search for a City Manager Gets Shaken Up as Native Son Jimmy Morales Vies For the Job Former Miami-Dade Commissioner and one-time … [Read more...]

Miami-Dade, the Can’t Count County

Standing in long lines to vote in Miami.

An Angry Public Explodes  To be fair, the fiasco wasn't limited to Miami-Dade. Other counties throughout the state – including Duval (Jacksonville), … [Read more...]

Miami Book Fair: Reading Remains Fundamentally Awesome!


And November Still Means Miami Book Fair “What are you reading?” may not be quite as ubiquitous (or have quite the same meaning) as it did back in … [Read more...]