April 2014


The excitement and drama is upon us.  What we have felt mounting since 2006 is bursting forth.  Social injustice, have you noticed millionaire is … [Read more...]

Horoscope: March 2014


March is mostly the sign of Pisces. The last sign in the zodiac and the symbol of Christ. The end of the month brings the spring equinox and the first … [Read more...]

January 2014


We often hear the phrase “Timing is everything”. For this month it holds particularly true. The new moon on the first precipitates new action and a … [Read more...]

Horoscope: October 2013


The Autumnal Equinox is the first day of the sign of Libra. How do you achieve balance? Contemplation, meditation, body adrenalin through high … [Read more...]

Astrology: July 2013


Certain words have become a part of our vernacular and we sometimes forget their origins. Joseph Cambell's word "bliss" is a compilation of the many … [Read more...]

Astrology: May 2013


Let’s hear it for the first of May. Hurray Hurray! It is the time of the year to celebrate the sensuous and silly. The animal in all of us responds to … [Read more...]