News: Support The Preservation Of Historic Homes


The MDPL needs help from Miami Beach residents on May 8th at 5pm at the Miami Beach Commission Chambers.

Come support stronger historic preservation laws of single family homes in Miami Beach!

The character and history of our Miami Beach neighborhoods is being threatened.

Since last year, an unprecedented number of speculators and out-of-town buyers are destroying historic homes in order to replace them with huge, over-sized houses.

Request for demolition of architecturally significant homes are coming in at a rate of two to four a month. With no historic preservation laws to save them, the trend will continue unabated.

We are trying to halt these terrible losses by urging the Miami Beach City Commission to enact stronger historic preservation laws. We are also pursuing the historic designation of 42 Star Island Drive, the most notorious example of this kind of destruction.

Designed by noted architect Walter De Garmo and built in 1928, the beautiful white mansion sits on the east side of Star Island and has been visible to millions of causeway motorists and bay boaters ever since.

The City Commission will consider whether to halt the historic designation process at its May 8th meeting. This is our best chance to show the commission the outrage of voters and historic preservationists over this disturbing trend and its prime example at 42 Star Island Drive.

Here are two easy ways you can help:

Show your support by attending the City Commission meeting on Wednesday, May 8th at 5 PM. Wear white to show the Commissioners we stand together. City Commission Chambers, City Hall, 1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach.

Send an email to the Miami Beach City Commission. Tell them you support stronger preservation laws for historic homes and saving the house at 42 Star Island Drive.

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