Culture Quickie: Nick Gentry

What has changed in your work since Art Basel 2012?

I have started to incorporate different materials into my work. They are more like collages than paintings now and I am using light to create tone, by layering film negatives and x-rays in LED lightboxes.

How have you grown personally and do you see this personal growth in your art?

I have been traveling quite a lot over the past few years. This perspective has given me some inspiration around the concept of ‘change’ and how memories can stay with us no matter where we go. Some memories fade, while others stay vivid and true. A photograph is an attempt to capture or preserve a moment in time and the film negative is the original exposure of that moment. We now of course record pictures digitally, which can no longer be considered a unique snapshot. So it also seems that these images don’t actually ever exist in the ‘real’ world, but rather as reproductions through binary code. Of course we are now taking more photographs than ever before, so this huge shift in image recording and the change in the way we regard photographs has led me to this investigation.

London-based artist Nick Gentry has a solo exhibition entitled XChange at the Robert Fontaine Gallery, in Wynwood. The exhibit will be on view through May 4. Robert Fontaine Gallery is located at 2349 NW 2nd Ave, Miami; Open noon-5 p.m., Monday through Saturday and by appointment; 305-397-8530. For info gallery web is here.

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