News: Help Miami Beach Long Term Employee Bury His Only Son

Tragically last Friday 3-year old Frank “Frankie” Santoya lost his life at a family gathering when he fell into a swimming pool. Frankie loved The Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leonardo in particular and he wore his brand-new Turtle PJ’s with pride.

Frankie’s dad is a 15 year employee of Miami Beach, working as an ice rink technician at The Scott Rakow Youth Center. Sadly, Albert Santoya does not have the funds to bury his only son and he needs our help to pay for the funeral and for exorbitant medical bills.

The family chose to donate Frankie’s heart, liver and lungs.

The little boy is survived by his mother, Elizabeth Ibarra, his father Albert and his two sisters.

To donate go here.


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