Horoscope: March 2014

March is mostly the sign of Pisces. The last sign in the zodiac and the symbol of Christ. The end of the month brings the spring equinox and the first day of spring, also the first day of Aries. Water, the element of the emotions is everywhere. The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the north node are all in water signs. For anyone who has been in or studied psychotherapy, you know our feelings are what matter most. Even the most major decisions are made on instinct. Ask Bernake, Clinton,Nixon, or Einstein. Winston Churchills irreverent remark to Eleanor Roosevelt. Madam in the morning I will be sober. Logic and perfection make us feel guilty. But, it is a good thing we keep on trying.

If you know your rising sign, read that as well.

Aries ruled by Mars

Your time is coming, just a few short weeks, and you can go off to stir up the masses. You are still playing high speed chases in the mud. If you need speed, try it on water. Being reasonable is not your favorite thing, and can be over rated. It is better to strike when iron is hot. The goddess of love is encouraging you to invent things. Any innovative puzzles you have dreamt about?

Taurus ruled by Venus

The nurturing suits you, having to come up with new ideas does not. Status quo is your motto. But money which is your itch is requiring a whole new set of inventor objects to stay in the game. Venus likes Pisces, so you can be dreamy and unconditional in your idealism. Games that require numerous players could be fun and profitable, this includes sussing out your coworker at the real estate office.

Gemini ruled by Mercury

Go into town and visit the twin tower memorial, if you can. It shows how mutable and renewable the twins can be. You are able to grasp quickly the new and different. Use your passion to spread the word. Use the water energy, drinking it, or sitting by it or getting in it. If you need to wallow in it, that is ok too. Remember new life is getting to burst, sometimes thru water.

Cancer ruled by the Moon

Architecture is on everyone’s mind. The sea has it too. Boats, docks, and dams are always being built in new and different ways. Protection of the largest mass on earth is one of our biggest challenges. To take a cruise can be fun, it expands the horizon and rocks our sense of equilibrium. You contain the nurturing in your core, sometimes let others do it for you.

Leo ruled by the Sun

Light is the energy we seek, be the beacon. You rule the heart, and at times the pressure to trick others to think like children is tiring. As life gives us new experiences we relegate some to past disappointments. Most traditions and ceremonies are geared to the idea to sticking to one thing at a time. The more we try to know the less we consolidate in the balance of light.

Virgo ruled by Mercury

Keep your mind from racing and put logic on hold. Ancient Greek had 3 modes of persuasion, pathos, ethos and logos. Pathos is emotive, ethos become ethics, and logos becomes order or reason. With the sun in Pisces, emotive is the primary directive. To allow your emotions free rein is not that comfortable for you. Read the theater of the absurd or watch the playful nature of dolphins.

Libra ruled by Venus

The new moon on March first is focusing on the issues of what is the difference between work and play or life and death or shall I stay under the covers and dream a little longer? The part of you that enjoys harmony and beauty will be enhanced over the next two weeks. If you are asked to play King Solomon, just pretend you didn’t hear it. The sexy fireman or gorgeous dressmaker will be noticing you.

Scorpio ruled by Pluto

Baby oil in the bathtub is a wonderfully soothing way to go. Even if finding sunlight isn’t your thing, a little bit right now could work wonders. The new moon speaks to you, it is time to have fun. What is totally useless but makes you smile. Meditation is more often than not travel in the mind. Or you could call it daydreaming. When you look out the window, imagine the characters in the clouds, wind, or flora.

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter

Your ruler is shifting into high gear. All that you have learned will be needed by those nearest and dearest. Be ready to pontificate. A sense of humor is always what is appreciated most, when pointing out another way of providing service. Have you ever thought of inventing something outlandish? Could you become Jules Verne for awhile. Ride something; a horse,scooter,cigarette boat, like the wind.

Capricorn ruled by Saturn

Be not frustrated by bankers. The handling of other peoples money is an unenviable job. Enjoy the plethora of new buildings and roads and infrastructure that is being constructed. May will bring a break to move forward on the new deals you have been planning. Nothing is impermeable that cannot be redirected.

Aquarius ruled by Uranus

Ideas are coming fast and furious. The money to implement as well. You must however, find someone to help you stay on track and learn to let them rein you in. Lightening could be seen as reverse fireworks, thunder is the charge from the clouds. Grounding through the rod is your tool to make the electricity which is your element. You charge and give the rest of us energy.

Pisces ruled by Neptune

Your light is reflected thru a pond with gold fish and lily pads. The most nurturing thing to do is sing in the water. Exercise voluntary and involuntary muscles. The only down side is getting hungry. You offer unconditional love to those who can handle it. Make sure they give some back. Make lyrical connections, like sleeping in the clouds with dusty lines of lineaments. We don’t really have to make sense, if we hold someone.


As Above, So Below. Be well. Mary Michele

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