Horoscope: October 2013

The Autumnal Equinox is the first day of the sign of Libra. How do you achieve balance? Contemplation, meditation, body adrenalin through high activity, are different forms of focus, the perception is you teeter on the head of a pin through balance. It is something we all desire and find hard to achieve. Desire, acquire, and release is the simple truth of our lives.

Read your rising sign.

Aries ruled by Mars

Allow your ideals to be contained and disciplined. See your energy as a a fire that must be stoked and nurtured. If there are children around you, observe their trial and error of abilities to be tested. Riding a bicycle necessitates trusting balance. Birds float by letting go after the struggle to attain altitude.

Taurus ruled by Venus

Check for fleas. So many itches to scratch. Your mind is agitated and reflects in your body. Be good to your neighbors and peripheral family. Any thoughts in their direction come back with comfort and nurturing. You have a very powerful nose. The memories that a smell give you can be your window on the world.

Gemini ruled by Mercury

You invented the mirror. Seeing the reflection of your power. Have you ever wondered why “Fairy” became a synonym for homosexual? Is Gay only a partial joy? The wings are representative of thought forms, as the mind is like the wind. Daemons are the Faeries of the ancient world that were demoted or polarized. Peter Pan had to have his Shadow and we need to clap to make sure the “Wee Folk” are allowed existence.

Cancer ruled by the Moon

Water is what we are made of and our moods are the ebb and flow of it. Like the breath of life, emotions are in flux every moment. Think of dreams and how when you wake your mood is effected. We struggle to balance the mind but water is forever seeking its own level. Believe it is, as it should be.

Leo ruled by the Sun

You are the creator. Fire starts the cycle of rebirth. Dragons were mythical beings who came to shake up the system. They exist on our inner plane if we let them. It is a marvelous thing to be able to entertain. If you take this word apart, could it mean to “enter in” on your sense of fun? Children rarely judge or analyze.

Virgo ruled by Mercury

Some more than others need to serve. Louis IV believed he was in service to his country and he was a Virgo. Diplomacy is a quality given to Libra, but to apply service, it is necessary to allow others to be included. They must partake in the process. Victor Hugo another Virgo, said “There is both visible and invisible labor. To contemplate is to toil. To think is to do.”

Libra ruled by Venus

You must weigh what you mix. The scales are always thinking about weight. What makes you happy? This is your endless mantra. This is the time of fermentation and gestation. At the rebirth, when the veil is thinnest, Halloween, you will die, dance, and give birth. Think of the Beatles and Let it Be.

Scorpio ruled by Pluto

You stand under or understand the need for the dark, rumination and how the hottest

fires produce the best enlightenment. But you may not like it. Life does not exist without passion. The peaks and valleys never end, even if you live in Florida. The Master Builder is pressuring you to lay the foundation for another tower. You do have the energy.

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter

Do you like volcanos? Remember the myth of Venus’ husband, Vulcan? He forged the lightening bolts and the net that entrapped his naughty wife with Mars. You have a sense of humor that needs to be fed. The details are lost on you. Rabelais is your hero, like Fagan and Dumbledore.

Capricorn ruled by Saturn

Know you are appreciated. To encourage you to be light hearted is a lesson in futility. You are delving in the compost heap to ferret out the necessary components to rebuild your empire. You can find the perfect herbs, tools and riches there. Humanity will thank you and maybe even a few insects, plants and other creatures as well.

Aquarius ruled by Uranus

So much excitement! Never enough time to implement all the changes you perceive as necessary. It is a lot of work to convince those around you. You are being heard at the moment. Trust it. Your income will arrive thru feelings. Be a shoulder for your clients and they will reward you handsomely.

Pisces ruled by Neptune

Are you hearing the appreciation others have for your insights? The ancients believed water was the origin of all life. A time when no separateness existed. Isn’t it odd water is the path of least resistance and the “Furies”? You can “Con-firm”, make solid, inspiration and alleviate all fears.

As Above, So Below. Be well. Mary Michele

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