Kids: Incredible DIY Cardboard Box Projects

Every kid loves playing with cardboard boxes, but you can take that fun up a notch by building an amazing cardboard creation sure to “wow” kids and adults alike. From pirate ships and airplanes to lemonade stands and play cities, the following eight projects just take a few key items to re-create, the greatest being imagination!

Pirate Ship?
The awesomely creative mom behind Kate’s Creative Space made this incredible pirate ship using a square cardboard box as the base. She then “stapled long pieces of cardboard on either side to form a boat shape…and covered those in leftover wood-effect wallpaper for a nautical touch.” We only have one word: wow!

Box House
Nessadee Art + Life created this incredible box house using a ton of boxes in different shapes and sizes, a hot glue gun, packing tape, scissors, and markers. Feel free to let your kids add as many embellishments (string, felt, moss, and more) as they’d like.

DIY Playhouses
Elsie of A Beautiful Mess created these DIY playhouses for her daughter’s second birthday party using large cardboard boxes, a box knife, wallpaper and wrapping paper, paint, masking tape, hot glue, and double-sided tape. So cute!

Cardboard Doll Bed?
Ambrosia Creative’s cardboard doll bed is a DIY project that any little girl would love! The coolest part: all the pieces interlock with tape or glue.

Lemonade Stand?
You only need one side of a cardboard box, along with some markers and tape, to create your very own lemonade stand sign.

??Which of these awesome cardboard box projects would you and your kids like to try?

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