Lexi Board of Directors Seek Clarification Over City Hall Illness Incident

The Lexi Board of Directors want a few things known about the incident that lead to the temporary exodus of the North Bay Village Government from the building; mainly they want it known that the residential portion of the building is separate from the retail in both ownership and utilities.

The Lexi location, 1700 Kennedy Causeway, made some news recently when the NBV City Hall was evacuated following the sudden illness of some city employees. The SunPost covered the incident and the responsive actions of the village in the March 14 edition of the paper.

Shortly after publication, Tony Eng the President of the Lexi Board of Directors contacted the SunPost concerned that the distinction of ownership and liability was blurred in the article.

Developer Scott Greenwald has been the recent village landlord; he owns the office space and chamber used by the NBV government. In the article on the illness incident, the SunPost quoted two relevant sides: the landlord and his tenant. However, when using the Lexi name there is a third relevant side, and that is the resident-owner.

“The owners own the building,” said Eng of the condominium.

The Board President said Greenwald sold off his interest in the residential side of the Lexi while keeping control of the retail and office spaces.

“Greenwald is no longer on the board of directors,” Eng told the SunPost. “He makes no decisions on the building.”

One such decision was allowing the village to erect a makeshift city hall in the Lexi’s community center. The SunPost attributed that action to the influence of Greenwald, it was not says Eng but a move by the resident-owners of the Lexi.

“It was out of good will for the city,” said Eng.

The sixth floor community center is used for various events, running the spectrum from business to parties. The village was asked to leave after a couple of days because of the room’s previous engagements.

A point Eng wanted to make was that residents of the building were unaffected by what happens in the retail section as they have different utilities. The ventilation for instance are separated, and anything that might be causing sudden illnesses below them would not make it upstairs.

“It’s a different system and different supplier,” said the board president.

It’s also different heating, in the retail space they use natural gas, while the residents use electricity he said.

The SunPost asked him if any residents had reported similar any illness, he replied “no complaints at all.”

The polite, yet urgent call from Eng to the SunPost also had to do with the picture the newspaper used on it’s site, MiamiSunPost.com, which was a stock image of the Lexi. In the newspaper edition, the story ran with a generic image of North Bay Village.

Eng said some on the board were concerned that potential buyers might associate the Lexi with the mysterious illness that plagued city hall. Immediately the SunPost changed the image to the one that ran in the newsprint edition.

NBV City Hall has been relocated to 1666 Kennedy Causeway on the second floor, suites 208,209, and 210. Postal services have been suspended for now, as have passport services.

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