News: Commissioner Jerry Libbin Resigns From Miami Beach Mayoral Race

Citing time constraints, Miami Beach Commissioner Jerry Libbin has ended his long-term quest to become Mayor of Miami Beach.

Libbin, who has been a Miami Beach Commissioner for the past 8 years is also the President and CEO of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Libbin, who has raised $142,000 in contributions of which was a self loan of $50,000 had the political support of advertising CEO Ric Roth; The Forge’s Shareef Malnick; professional speaker Michelle Villalobos; and World Parrot Mission’s Steve and Judith Levinson.

Still running are Commissioner Michael Gongora, Philip Levine, Steve Berke and David Hundley.

In a statement, Libbin said “I feel if I stayed in the race, I would have an excellent chance, but I’m trying to be honest with myself and I’m trying to be honest with my supporters. I can see I don’t have the ability to spend the time that it’s going to take.”


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