Live Blog: 2013 Was Miami Art Basel Ready?

Art Basel week is one of the biggest weeks of the year for Miami in creating first impressions, lasting impressions and assuring future hands over fists revenues. How has she done? I’m afraid, not so well on several levels. Gridlock traffic around Midtown, Wynwood, Downtown and of course, to and from Miami Beach has to be the worse of any year thus far. There are water taxis to and from Miami Beach, sounds like a great idea to avoid the jammed causeways, but alas, they are private, and/or limited to hours of operation and certainly not set up for mainstream. Sure there are shuttles in place, also stuck in the gridlock. Intersection upon intersection with endless problems and no traffic officers managing them. If you’re savvy enough to find a metered parking space, be sure you are there the second your meter runs out as there is no mercy from the meter maids. If you want to pay the overpriced lot fees, you have to wait in a long line of traffic to get one. Then of course, there are entire blocks in Wynwood, blocked off public parking spaces by the residents capitalizing through intimidation and no policing of the situation. Miami, when are you going to create a mass transportation system that worldly travelers and art lovers have grown accustomed to in other host cities? And why is it that in every “hip” spot of town that after dark the streets seem to be invaded by masses of drunken, disrespectful revelers who seem to have no idea why they are there? The once edgy, somewhat out of the way, subdued art scene of Wynwood has been compromised by these unsavory characters and far too unruly and intimidating by those who come to Miami to enjoy the arts and spend their money. Miami, it’s not too late to start problem solving for next year, you’re going to need an entire year at least to fix this mess.

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