Live Blog: Artist Carlito Dalceggio

Tonight at Ricart Gallery, 444 NW 28th St – you’ll know you’re there when you see Pinocchio on the corner of the rooftop surveying the streets of Wynwood, the much anticipated show of Carlito Dalceggio opens. Montreal born artist, Dalceggio moved into the Ricart Gallery’s upper loft studio to produce his work. He has lived and worked in this manner the world over from Instanbul to Sao Paulo and doesn’t seem himself changing his structure of life and work. As with any true artist, it is passionately intertwined, and woven into that fabric of his environment and the people that happen upon his path at the time. Dalceggio sums up his passion for his work, “I’m here to live a moment of freedom, of irrationality, immortality and chaos.”

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