Live Art Blog: MANA

Mana Miami Production Village in Wynwood, with it’s close to 140,000 sq ft of vast, raw space, is the host of a plethora of all things artistic during this week, from exhibiting artists, to graffiti artists, to live performance artists. The space is impressive with it’s seemingly infinite open spaces and ceilings so high it’s as if they non-existent. Last night, contemporary performance artist Vanessa Beecroft presented her expected unique performance of young women, with no augmentation, dressed in nothing but a thin layer of mud. They stood passively on the cement floor, some eventually sitting and stretching out as the crowd looked on expectantly for a “surprise” that never occurred.

Later in the evening, in a closed off, large sound stage in front of hundreds of invited guests, DJ’s did their thing, and Sza opened to a performance by hip hop artist, Kendrick Lamar. There is an impressive list of live performances for the rest of the week including Dark Side and Boy George.

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