Live Blog: Artists Cometh by Air, Sea and Bus

Cork Arts JacksonvilleArtists can be innovative and frugal, as it is a necessity, and getting to Miami during Basel week is a priority even if it means 10 to a hotel room or sleeping in the van. Of course there are a fortunate few, like Wynwood’s Women on The Walls who were brought in from the world over with all expenses paid by the Goldman legacy; or the handful of Dutch street artists who had their expenses covered by the Dutch government; but for the most part the majority of artists footed their own expenses including the cost of paint necessary to garnish the walls of our community. Perhaps host homes can be provided next year? One innovative group of artists from Jacksonville filled an old school bus with art from their co-op of 60 artists, Cork Arts, and a few if them made the trek early to stake out coveted street space just off NW 2nd and 27th. Affordable original contemporary and urban art for any budget is available until they sell out, and I suspect they will.

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