Live Blog: The Changing Face of Wynwood

For those of you, like myself, who were looking forward to the dozens of local and international artists painting elbow to elbow along the long wall on 24th Street (behind Panther Coffee), don’t be surprised when you find something entirely different this year. Instead you will find a half of dozen large canvases bolted to the wall with local artists’ doing their thing. Behind the wall once stood a labyrinth of many walls with no roof, covering about two city blocks. Past years the place was filled with graffiti artists, muralists as well as sculptures utilizing junkyard scraps. This year the walls are gone, and the space is filled with trucks as they haul out the remnants of graffiti ghosts of the past. Apparently, it will be replaced with a retail center, with the promise of keeping it in the style of “Wynwood”, hence the canvases will be stretched and placed in the new retail center…that is if any will be left. The painting of up and coming local artist, Phil Fung, was still wet when someone stole it right off the wall last night. Shameful Miami, shameful. Note: Artists are still working on their pieces, stop by and check them out and see their finished work!

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