Live Blog: Whole Project in Little Havana

6th Street Dance Studio and Whole Project is a non profit, urban studio and magical place created by the brilliant and selfless Brigid Baker, whose only dream is to allow artists to unfold organically, when they are ready, and into their full potential. Though Brigid is an extremely educated and trained dancer and choreographer, it’s hard to say her talents end there. This week, along with dancers, artists,and children of the community Whole Project collaborated culminating into a beautiful performance piece. Baker states, “I build interiors, environments, to create a frequency vibrational field for people to enter so they are prepared to participate in the performance art.” The performance was a combination of classical dancers and urban dancers, performing singularly, though as a group in organized chaos, against the backdrop of a light and sound show, which created a fluid of visual shadows and beings. Upstairs in a nook of the dance studio, overlooking the performance space, is a sofa facing a gallery of photos of Sharif Salem’s Sofa’s of Little Havana , photographs of discarded sofas, from all over Little Havana. The thought evoking photographs remind us that this is a place of a transient culture and that these sofas tell stories of people’s lives. On the outside wall of the studio is a mural being painted by Yatika Fields, as Baker describes, “very illuminated work”. 6th Street Dance Studio and Whole Project are recent recipients of Knights Foundation Knight Arts Challenge at 1155 SW 6th Street in Little Havana.

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