Miami-Dade, the Can’t Count County

An Angry Public Explodes

 To be fair, the fiasco wasn’t limited to Miami-Dade.

Other counties throughout the state – including Duval (Jacksonville), Lee (Fort Myers), Orange (Orlando), and Broward – also encountered delays and difficulties in reporting their results on Election Night.

But Miami-Dade seemed to be, as it was in 2000, the poster child of “electile dysfunction.”

Once again, Florida held up a presidential election, and the nation’s searchlight shot a blindingly bright, unwelcome beam at us, Miami-Dade County.

A ten-page ballot. Eleven state constitutional amendments. Penelope Townsley. Long lines of voters. Hours-long waits. Comparisons to Third World countries. Late night comedians’ barbs.

Then, finally, after four days of indecision, the uncounted counties reported their tallies to the Florida secretary of state and the state’s 29 electoral votes were anticlimactically declared for Barack Obama. But the aftermath left a bad aftertaste in people, both here and beyond the state’s borders.

No need to recount the facts. You already know them. No need to regurgitate the long lines, the long waits. You lived them. Instead, we present a selection of rants and recriminations: yours, your neighbors’, and those of people from sea to shining sea – An Angry Public.

“A National Embarassment”

Even though Ohio is giving it a run for its money, Florida is doing whatever it can to be the next Florida.

My prediction is that FL beats OH in the Election Incompetency Bowl, broadcast live tomorrow (all stations).

A national embarassment.

– Rick Hasen, in “Miami-Dade Again Shuts Down in-Person Absentee Balloting,” from the Election Law Blog, Nov. 5

America Tweets Its Reaction to Us

“WHY THE LINES ARE SO LONG IN MIAMI: City financed lavish baseball stadium instead of voting equipment” – @thinkprogress (Washington, D.C.)

“Don’t be discouraged! Florida may have some problems voting.” – @iansomerhalder (Venice, Calif.), Nov. 5

“The last person to get in the Miami-Dade early voting line at 7pm Sunday didn’t vote until 1am!” – @jasonwhat (New York City)

“Florida’s Sec of State says as of 1:52am ET people are STILL voting in Miami-Dade” – @edhenryTV(Washington, D.C.) Nov. 7

“Florida still trying to figure out who gets their electoral college votes. Get it together Florida!” – @NickSymmonds (Eugene, Ore.) Nov. 7

“Florida to get a headstart in voting, polls open today at 8:00 am #election2016” – @rickshaw1128 (New Jersey) Nov. 8

“How can we not have this voting thing figured out? Oh Florida…” – @RoxShershin (Atlanta)

“So…FloriDUH is famous for always showing up last to the party when it’s time to vote.” – @KatieDeLuca (New York City)

“@Dejan_Kovacevic: ‘The Florida elections bureau has just determined that Dewey defeated Truman.’ Was katherine harris involved? #Floriduh.” – @Y_I_S_C (Pittsburgh)

“Can we leave Florida out of any electoral process 1.electronic voting too sophisticated 2.punch card ballot chad is a mess 3.fraud” – @rickshaw1128 (New Jersey)

“FloriDUH strikes again ‘Florida Voting: Like a Third-World Country’” – @nocleversig (Texas)

“@RosLehtinen the voting system in your District seems like it’s from Benghazi. Focus on helping Miami-Dade!” – @GilTPolitics (New York City)

“Florida polling officials admit that election results were slowed by narcolepsy and broken crayons. #Floriduh” – @TheBradSherwood (Los Angeles)

“Let’s kill the electoral college so we never have to pay attention to Ohio and Florida again” – @ArthurA_P (Cornwall, N.Y.)

Late Night Comedians Get Their Punches In

“The election is four days away, and more than 2.7 million people in Florida have already cast their vote. Unfortunately, since it’s Florida, most of them just stuffed their ballot into a toaster oven.” – Jimmy Fallon

“Good luck today Florida! Try not to pull a ‘Florida.’” – Comedian Daniel Tosh on Twitter (Election Day)

“Florida tonight remains too close to call. So where’s the good news, you say? The election was decided without them. For once, Florida’s clusterf–k is irrelevant.” – Jon Stewart

“And now, the projected winner of Florida…David Letterman!” – Announcer’s introduction of Letterman on his Nov. 7 show

“The long national nightmare is finally over. We have expressed our will at the polls. The results have been tallied and we proved once again that American democracy is alive and well – even if Florida was more confused than an old person with an iPhone.” – Craig Ferguson

“President Obama defeated Mitt Romney last night. We know this for sure despite the fact that the returns from Florida still have not been counted. What goes on in Florida? They had four years to fix this. We need to make sure Florida never gets the Olympics.” – Jimmy Kimmel

“What is going on in Florida? They still haven’t finished counting the votes there yet. You know, at this point, how many people think Florida shouldn’t even be allowed to vote for ‘American Idol’?” – Jay Leno

“Somebody tell me what the deal is on Florida. Come on, count the votes! What’s the deal? They’re saying now the results of the election will not become official until we get all of the votes from the crooked machines in Florida.” – David Letterman

“The U.S. Postal Service announced yesterday they are expecting this year’s holiday season to be their busiest ever and also their slowest ever. That’s probably the only business in America that complains about being busy.

“Still no election results from Florida yet. Florida is the post office of states.” – Jimmy Kimmel

“They are still counting votes in Florida. They’re still counting votes even though the election is no longer in doubt and the people who cast them are no longer living.” – Conan O’Brien

“Even though the election’s been over for two full days, the state of Florida still doesn’t know who they voted for. Four counties in Florida were still counting ballots today. And you know, it’s important that they get all the votes counted because the results could drastically affect the outcome of this election in no way whatsoever.” – Jimmy Kimmel

“It has been two days, and Florida still hasn’t finished counting all the votes from Tuesday night’s election. Of course, it’s gonna be weird when they’re finally done. They’re like, ‘The winner is – Al Gore?’” – Jimmy Fallon

“No one is exactly sure why it’s taking Florida so long. I’m sure they’ll have it all sorted out by Christmas.” – Jimmy Kimmel

“Let’s see, it’s two weeks until Thanksgiving, seven weeks until Christmas and 14 weeks before they’re done counting votes in Florida. Can you believe that? They are still counting votes in Florida.” – Conan O’Brien

U.S. Elections, As Explained by a Foreigner

“#Democrats win by convincing people to vote. #Republicans win by convincing them not to.” – @kevinjonheller (Melbourne, Australia), on Twitter

“We’ll now be called Floridiots”

Here is some of what locals, other Sunshine Staters, and Florida-watchers have been tweeting:

“Took me 8hrs to vote in Miami. Over 1mil registered voters, only 20 early voting sites = mathematical impossibility. – @Janetsaidthis, Nov. 5

“Voting debacle in Miami causes chaos, confusion. Voters shout ‘Let us vote’ and banged on the locked glass doors.” – @_1NickWilliams (Bradenton Herald reporter, Tampa) Nov. 5

“Honestly, I was really impressed with the incredible advances in voting that Florida made in the last 12 years. Truly inspirational!” – @superamerickson

“What’s wrong with Florida? Besides voting fiascos, it’s only one of 5 states with no ban on texting while driving” – @alexdc (Miami)

“OK, Florida, why don’t you start voting for 2016 now so you’ll be done the same time as the rest of us.” – @TeaPartyCat

“What a joke voting in florida, was like the 17th century.” – @seanmclachlan1 (Boca Raton)

“Fed.Gov ‘t must take over future elections due to FL incompetence!” – @UncJonny (Fort Lauderdale)

“@thebradsherwood …Sort of relieved most, like you, are rightly placing blame on election officials & not average Floridian voter. – @maddarilke (Miami)

“Keep your yaps shut on the US Presidential outcome you spoilers!! #Floriduh is STILL COUNTING! Results expected Noon Saturday…4 days late.” – @SRQ2U

“Still counting ballots in PBC. Florida will now be Floriduh. We will no longer be called Floridians. We will now be called Floridiots.” – @MichaelBosco (Riviera Beach)

“BREAKING: Florida has completed full ballot count of 1972 election. May need 4-6 weeks to determine Ford/Carter winner. #FloriDUH” – @SammonSez (Tampa)

“Thank you @FLGovScott – You did an amazing job embarassing #FloriDuh again. Thanks for cutting the early voting days down.” – @my2bucks (South Fla.)

“Absentee ballots, voting delays put harsh light on SoFla election. Can you say #FLORIDUH?” – @ofegb (Miami)

“Miami-Dade mayor @MayorGimenez reassures the nation: ‘This is not a third-world country. We count accurately, and there’s no fraud in Dade County.’” – @AlfredSpellman (Miami)

“Florida gives Obama 332 electoral college tally: U.S. media on Saturday projected President Barack Obama the winner.” – @breakingnewsmia (Miami)

“I knew it was gonna be some shyt in Florida when it came to voting” – @SoLowKii

“Always is…” – @BrownSugaBaby06

“The Golden Girls can count those ballots quicker”

What follows is a selection of comments posted online from several sites.

It seems to me that the blame for an already screwed up system screw up can be laid squarely at the feet of your Gov. Scott.

He was and is willing to undermine a fundamental right of all citizens to ensure a political result. After all, how does limiting hours and closing polling stations combat voter fraud?

Some of you in Florida might be smarting from the late night jokes but believe me many of us across the country do not think there is anything funny about having to wait in line for 2-3-4-5 hours to vote.

I hope you join us in changing this system of voting. We’re counting on you Florida.

Inefficiency, incompetence, corruption!! That’s what we have in Florida! Banana Republic.

Wow. Once again. A mess.

Do you realize that Miami-Dade county, along with the entire state of Florida, is being made a joke across the country once again? Please, get your act together Miami-Dade elections department, or the jokes will continue to pile on you.

Why can’t we vote via computer… It is real simple. When you apply for your voters registration, your card has an individualized ID and password. When you go online on the computer, you put in your ID and password and you must pass an authentication just like you do on your bank’s website. Once you vote online, you must print out, sign and mail your ballot that includes a bar code as a backup or it will simply not count.

Once the county gets the signed verification, it is scanned to ensure that the user is the one that voted. Done! No lines, no embarrassment in the nation.

THAT or simply make the first Wednesday of November a voting holiday. That way people can’t take three-day weekends.

It seems reasonable, but that calls for drastic security measures. Do you realize how many hackers would try and exploit that system? Yes, we can use government-grade encryption standards but that isn’t going to deter hackers from anything.

Come on Florida, The Golden Girls can count those ballots quicker!

Exactly where in Miami did your election go well? I have lived in 6 states and have NEVER taken more than 30-45 min to cast a vote in any election. That includes areas like San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago.

When will the people of Florida finally get fed up from being a laughingstock on Election Day? Have you finally figured out that your Republican governors are out to suppress/discourage Democratic voters?

Get off your behinds and stand up for your right to vote, or don’t. The rest of the U.S. is just as happy when your state is irrelevant.

It’s called Flori-duh for a reason. And sad to say, Miami-Dade is not the only county still tallying the results. Broward, Palm Beach and Duval counties are still counting. I guess we should get some middle schoolers with 7th grade math skills to finish tallying the votes and there would be some progress. It is really a shame that some counties are dragging Florida behind because they can’t get their act together. From what I heard, the bottleneck lines were a result of “not enough voting machines or people working the polls.” Well hot dog, I think we have figured this out by now.

From the perspective of a poll worker, this time around my precinct had:

a) a poor floor plan flow

b) lengthy, confusing ballot

c) sorry, but not enough well trained poll workers

The decision to accept absentee ballots on Sunday in addition to the greater number of these, I think contributed to the delays in counting them as the procedure to count them is very labor intensive.

Ultimately the decision from the Florida legislature along with Gov. Rick Scott to introduce measures that hindered the electoral process have to accept responsibility for this whopper of electoral debacle.

We, the people, have to also accept responsibility for this embarrassment since we put these officials in office.

Don’t worry, the commissioners are currently “investigating” the delays and looking for the best suitable excuse and solution to nowhere.

This comes from the top, not the people counting.

Here’s the real problem. Most of the election districts are already run by “diverse minorities.” See how well that is working out for us???

Hey numb nuts, how do you explain Orange, Osceola, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Leon counties? Your argument is irrelevant and has just been debunked.

Give me the mother f***ing results already. This is embarrassing!!

Everyone should be fired and Tallahassee besieged and surrounded.

It’s time for the state of Florida to BREAK UP! Let’s begin with creating the state of SOUTH FLORIDA!

At least 50% of the problem is Tallahassee.

I’m having a hard time with all of this nonsense about voter suppression. At the polling location I went to, Democrats, Republicans, NPA’s, Libertarians, Socialists, and every other party had to stand in the same line. I looked for the Republican Express line, but I guess I must have missed it. Maybe the whole voter suppression thing is just a paranoid figment of imagination. The old “us against them” thing.

It wasn’t so much voter suppression. In a classical sense it was the cultural myopia of those supporting the Republican party making the assumption that if they made it more difficult to vote, those groups who tended to vote Democratic, due to their “lower intelligence” and determination to vote, wouldn’t.

Obviously those assumptions were dead wrong.

I believe there WAS a method to the madness and THAT’S what we’re feeling the effects of. About 7 people told me they voted using an absentee ballot. They LOOKED healthy, they LOOKED mobile, didn’t SEEM to have any debilitating handicaps. And they CERTAINLY had time to vote in, either, the early voting or on the day of the election.

So, I asked “why?” They ALL responded the same way, the GOP was encouraging Republicans to vote using absentee ballots. ALL of the “Absentee Voters” were Republicans. Obviously, the GOP KNEW there would be problems on the day of the elections or on the early days. They KNEW there would be long lines and they KNEW that some people would simply give up and go home. AND, they ALSO knew that the BEST way to make sure THEIR people didn’t give up and go home was to have THEM take home a ballot, fill it out at THEIR leisure, toss it in the mail and forget about it.

Personally, I ALWAYS vote in person because, IF, god forbid, there’s EVER a question, I can resolve it. That means I have to wait. In the end, early voting and day of the election voting gives us, almost, instantaneous results. Absentee Ballots take time, a LOT of time.

The answer is simple. Extend early voting BACK to 2 weeks and limit Absentee Ballots to people with a legitimate need, the handicapped, the ill, people out of state, military personnel or some other such, real problems. It should NOT be an option for anyone else. Get up, walk to the polls, stand on line and BE part OF the process. Exercise your rights AND exercise that gut as well.

Well I guess I need to get out more. I’ve been a Republican since 1979 and nobody ever asked me to vote via absentee ballot.

Hey Governor Scott, we won’t need ANY early voting to vote you out of office.

Yep, Gov. Voldemort needs to go ASAP!

Anyone convicted of voter suppression, including the governor and the Florida House and Senate should be treated as traitors to America and its constitution. Before sentence is carried out they should be given time to apologize to decent U.S. citizens before they are marched off to be hanged.

Twelve years after Bush v. Gore, Floriduh is still the joke of the nation, the only state unable to count its votes in one night. Congratulations, job well done!

No matter if the reason for the long wordy ballot was transparency or suppression, the fact of the long ballot and the time it was taking for people to fill it out was known to all the local officials well in advance of the election. As was the shear numbers of absentee ballots.

Why the officials didn’t take that into account and open up more space, at the same voting locations so more people could sit around, filing out the forms is a valid question. Was it even thought of? If so, why wasn’t it implemented?

If they knew that there were more absentee ballots than could be counted in one night, why weren’t they counted in advance or more people brought in to count them?

But, most importantly, why are these even questions that have to be asked?

Why didn’t the officials whose job it is to oversee the election do what they knew needed to be done in advance, so we again didn’t look like a bunch of idiots?

Mayor Gimenez does not need a “task force”. That is just a way to be “on stage” along with the commissioners. He does need to question why our wonderful governor cut down on early voting days, Why Gimenez questioned the decision to have voting on Sunday and why someone (on orders from someone under Gimenez, he is the mayor, right?) closed the doors on voters still in line that later had to be opened when voters, rightly so, demanded their right to vote. Something stinks and I think it goes back to Gimenez….No, I would not fire everyone…let’s go to where the decisions where made. I guarantee you they were not made at the bottom……poor planning, yes, worthless governor yes, incompetent mayor, yes…….what a joke!

It’s all fake, isn’t it? All Republicans were in cahoots to suppress the Democratic vote. They caused the entire debacle and now want to exonerate themselves with a “commission.” Every single one of them should be fired. Start with the governor and the legislature.

“We could always stand for improvement, and we will,” Heyman said at a commission meeting Thursday…..

How ’bout …Competence?

From now on the Federal Government needs to mandate early voting in every state for two weeks with no exceptions, with every state having the same hours.

The Feds need to update all outdated machinery so we all vote the same way.

Congress needs to pass a law that in General Elections, the only people on the ballot are presidential, senatorial and local candidates. Any amendments stuffed to dissuade voters from voting should be held at an election other than on Election Day.

That’s what they do in Australia and Great Britain. It can be done if we make it a priority.

Florida claims to have good students. But hey! you guys are having a hard time doing the Math. LOL

Broward is run by liberal incompetents that can’t find their butts using two hands. Get rid of the incompetent liberal scum running those elections. There have been big problems with the last three presidential elections. You would have thought they learned how to do it by now but liberal scum are beyond learning anything other than asking where’s my pay check, and I want more pay for less work as all liberal scum do.

You guys are a joke, waiting in line for hours is killing you, be glad you live in America and have an opportunity to vote, you’re spoiled. America my country turned into an immoral unconstitutional reality show. We deserve to get our a** kick by other countries and get rid of all these Dems and Republicans and start over again.

According to Elections Department Penny Townsley, everything is fine and dandy and mistakes will be corrected in the next election. If she worked in the private sector, she would now be looking for a new job. Townsley’s response is unacceptable. Before coming to Elections she was overseeing a 40-person bureaucratic department intended only to keep minorities happy. Townsley was moved to Elections by Mayor Carlos Gimenez. She replaced a qualified director named Lester Sola who fixed the earlier problems and headed a successful election effort in 2008. Gimenez continues to plague our county departments with sacred cows and unqualified individuals in exchange for loyalty. The embarrassment of this debacle falls squarely on Gimenez and Townsley.

Will someone tell these dim wits that the election is over and there is nothing to steal? Go back to sleep.

Sorry Florida – you’re really beginning to look like a bunch of fools. Every election year you mess it up. Glad rest of the country – despite terrible storm in northeast – could take care of business in proper fashion.

Rick Scott is mostly to blame for our voting fiasco. Because Miami-Dade has a large population and a large geographical area, it needs 21 days of early voting, many more early voting locations, more scanners at polling places and more booths at each location. The mayor is at fault for not asking Scott to increase the number of days we had for early voting and for shutting down the Dept. of Elections on Saturday when people were in line to submit absentee ballots.

Maybe they’ll have them all counted by the next Presidential election. Maybe.

I blame Rick Scott for the voting mess in Florida. I have voted in the elections of 7 Florida governors and this is the first time that I have seen a Florida governor blatantly try to suppress voters! Rick Must GO!


1. Republican Legislature loaded ballot with long amendments, fully written out.

2. Shortening early voting process by Republican Gov. Scott

3. Allowing walk-in absentee ballots at last minute.

These three factors caused the election mess, not some local County official. Federal elections should be set to a National standard so that all Americans vote on an equal basis, period!

Florida is a Joke, California has nowhere near the number of early voting and yet there were no extreme lines. In Chicago, people vote in laundromats, schools etc. WHAT THE F*%^ IS WRONG WITH FLORIDA? Like I said, national joke. They used, from what I can see, even more hours and manpower with all this overtime. What is this costing the citizens of the state? Why not have the same number of polling places that is proportionate to the voting population? This is what happens when you try to suppress voting. I am sure this was done with the hopes people would not want to stand in line. WRONG. I was so proud to see people still in line AFTER the election was called for the president. People become even more determined than ever when their power is usurped. If Rick Scott is not voted out of office in 2014, this sorry excuse for a state deserves exactly what it gets; this includes the reputation of being grossly incompetent when it comes to voting.

No excuses. Fire the director immediately! Gone, history, hasta la vista, baby! You failed.

What a joke. Gimenez and his council are more like Jerry Lewis leading the Three Stooges. There is simply NO reason to waste time and energy looking for an election day smoking gun. People around the nation EXPECT problems from South Florida every four years so why disappoint? Besides, it’s not as if anyone’s going to: a.) Find out the real reasons things got screwed up, or b.) Do anything about it. You don’t need a mayor and commissioners to tell you what’s wrong with our election day operations. Ask any ten year-old, like my daughter, who wanted me to explain why Governor Scott doesn’t want to let people vote.

A commission to see what went wrong? Are you kidding me? It does not take a Rhodes scholar to see what went wrong. A ridiculously lengthy ballot created by the dirt-bag Republican legislature in Tallahassee, incompetent election supervisor (Townsley), not enough polling venues for such densely populated areas, and last but not least… understaffed and unqualified workers (some spoke no English) at the polling sites.

Wow. Let me be clear, Ms. Townsley. You are a national disgrace. Period. How you can walk outside and not be pelted with rotten vegetables is beyond me.

So the foxes are going to find out how the foxes got in the hen house. Super. I’m sure they’ll get to the bottom of it.

Vote Scott and all state Republican legislators out. Problem solved.

You don’t need any task force to determine what went wrong, simply thank the Governor and the Legislators for trying to disenfranchise the voters, putting forth mile long constitutional questions making the time to fill up the ballot at least 30 minutes longer than the five minutes that usually takes – therefore the line is going to be longer and slower. It would be irrelevant if you use 10 more machines and 10 more workers because machines or personnel were not the problem. They believed their tactic was going to work, that voters wouldn’t take the time but the whole thing backfired on them. Good lesson!

Thank you for finishing the election counting/returns. Hopefully, my absentee ballot was included. I am not familiar with how election departments operate, but my sense from the press conferences, videos, and news articles is that there is a lack of URGENCY on part of the management/employees to complete the counting of returns quickly. This is the age of Twitter, Facebook, IPhones, etc. and the goal for Miami-Dade election department should be to report the returns with the REST OF THE NATION. New technology (which cost money and more taxes) should help with that. But, problems such as hurricanes, long ballot questions, uninformed voters, and politics from the state capitol (regardless of who the governor/legislature is) will always happen in the future (and, by the way, happens elsewhere in the USA, i.e. Sandy in NYC). It is important to be accurate, BUT IT’S EQUALLY IMPORTANT TO GET IT DONE ON TIME. Or, that “Third World label” that so irritated the Mayor and others will still be the perception the rest of the nation has for Miami-Dade.

It isn’t stupidity. This is not incompetence. It’s strategy. It’s intentional. They won’t fix it because they did it on purpose. They will “look into it and learn” how to win next time, not make it better.

Liberals lose when they project their good will and sense of fair play onto conservatives.

I can’t address the higher-ups, but the poll workers in our precinct (853) worked their tails off, and did everything possible to help us vote, and did an excellent job, despite the efforts of the Republican legislature to sabotage the vote. I waited two and a half hours, but that was definitely not their fault. Mayor Gimenez, on the other hand, did not cover himself with glory on Sunday. But perhaps it was a momentary lapse; I have always voted for him, and will probably do so again, but I AM disappointed with him.

The clowns in Tallahassee, on the other hand, need to be removed from office. The media can perform a great public service by investigating and exposing exactly who was behind this effort at voter suppression, so we can boot them out of office in the next election.

And I am proud of my fellow citizens. Many times during that long wait, I heard them express their anger at efforts to suppress their votes, and their willingness to do whatever it took to exercise their right to vote.

Any third world country has a better electoral system than Florida, which becomes yet again a national embarrassment.

It is a travesty of justice that citizens have to wait for 2 hours, let alone 6 to vote!!

It is beyond arrogant for Ms. Townsley to indicate that the county election was not “less than perfect”! I do realize that Ms. Townsley may not have had the power to arrange the voting procedure beforehand. Nevertheless, I find her attitude unbelievable! On the other hand, I deeply congratulate and admire all those that had the patience to wait all those hours to express their voting rights!!

In Ohio, I walked in the door, showed my drivers license and voted the entire ballot. I was out the door in less than 10 min. I guess you have a large ballot or everyone needs to take Geritol down there.

Gimenez, fire Penelope Townsley immediately! And then resign.

…and take Hudak and your other four $225K a year deputy mayors with you.

There is simply no excuse for people waiting in line for 7 hours or more to vote, period.

What went wrong was that Charlie Crist was not the governor. They would rather have a crook for governor. The man whose tombstone can read “committed largest Medicare fraud in history.” He cut voting days in half to serve the Koch brothers and Romney and they still lost.

It’s real simple. You have a bunch of incompetents running the show. No need for a task force.

If this new task force joins forces with the “other” task force that now is presumably investigating absentee ballot fraud, there may be hope! If not, Gimenez can create a third task force to investigate the first two task forces! Task Force everyone!!! LOL

Florida, because you screwed up the 2000 election, the dead soldiers in Iraq and their families are thanking you: you are to blame for their deaths and their families’ anguish.

This governor thinks he is above the law, he is a real crook and he should be impeached!

A failed attempt at voter suppression. Vote that Scott bum OUT!

The buck stops at the governor’s office. He’s accountable for the mess, and should pay for it with his job.

In fact, this task force is not reporting to the governor. It will issue its report to Mayor Gimenez who assembled the group. Gimenez has already said he wants his bogus task force to “make recommendations” to the governor on changes to state law. In other words, he is telling the group what he wants to hear.

The cover-up has begun and we already know what they will say in their phony report. The task force will place all of the blame on the state’s early voting period and lengthy ballot and ignore the incompetence of county election officials. It is a joke.

I’m in Tampa and I saw those long lines and people waiting for hours just to get a chance to vote. Then find themselves with a 10 page ballot. That in itself is cumbersome to say the least. His voter suppression didn’t work. The Florida House along with Rick Scott need to be voted out. The GOP’s plan to steal the election didn’t work.

Stop being an apologist for incompetence in the county elections department. Why did every other county in the state (which have the same early voting period) experience error-free elections? Why was New York City, which has no early voting and just experienced a hurricane, able to run a successful election and report election results on election night and Miami-Dade could not?

Successful election??

In Hudson County, in northern New Jersey, the county clerk had received more than 2,000 requests for email ballots by Tuesday morning, at which point they stopped processing requests altogether.

Essex County voters were met with busy signals on phone and fax lines, as well as email rejections from full in-boxes, as they tried to submit requests to receive electronic ballots, according to the clerk’s office.

“The state didn’t give us enough time to prepare,” Morris County Clerk Joan Bramhall told

“The ACLU went to court twice Tuesday on behalf of New Jersey voters, the first time to ask for an extension to the deadline to submit emailed ballots, and the second time to request that voters be allowed to use a federal absentee ballot available as a PDF online. The state’s Division of Election issued a ruling at 2 p.m. extending the deadline for voters to submit email ballots until 8 p.m. on Friday.”

It does not take a task force to figure out that the ballot was too long and they did not have enough people to service the precincts correctly. It caught them with their pants down.

God does not like cheaters….I can predict a new governor real soon!

From the mayor down to the very last of the elections staff everyone should get FIRED

And who would you replace all of the elections workers with?


Amen! Get rid of Rick Scott. This is the biggest priority. How can Florida always be such a laughingstock.

Amen. And this review by commissioners is a joke. None of the commissioners will say what really needs to be done which is to get rid of the incompetent Elections Supervisor Townsley (who these same commissioners approved) and the incompetent Deputy Mayor Hudak who oversees the elections department.

Only with neutral experts from outside Miami-Dade County will the truth come out.

The same can be said for every single department in both the local and state governments in this state. Yet on every issue, Florida goes its own way, blazing its own path, ignoring what any other place or state has or is doing.

Just look at your traffic lights or schools if you want to see glaring examples of locally inspired incompetence, even as other states have dealt with the same problems and solved them.

Miami-Dade Elections Department 2011 Annual Salaries

Alina Hudak, Deputy Mayor (Elections) – $273,301.92

Penelope Townsley, Supervisor of Elections – $194,753.03

Patricia Prochnicki, Div Chief, Elections Budget & Finance – $135,047.67

Gary Hartfield, Deputy Supervisor of Elections – $128,891.52

Tara Smith, Chief Deputy Supervisor of Elections – $125,715.02

John Mendez, Deputy Supervisor of Elections – $125,627.11

Rosa Pastrana, Deputy Supervisor of Elections – $114,721.58

Robert Vinock, Asst. Deputy Supervisor of Elections – $114,276.64

Vettikattil Praveenkumar, Sr Systems Analyst/Programmer – $107,996.88

Zeida Reyes, Elections Operations Administrator – $97,633.31

John Clouser, Special Projects Administrator – $97,544.27

Rena Satter, Asst. Deputy Supervisor of Elections – $97,246.41

Christina White, Deputy Supervisor of Elections – $97,149.37

Fadil Bacchus, Computer Technician 2 – $96,085.10

OK. These are ANNUAL salaries. What exactly do these people do all year long? It’s not like there is an election every day, or every week or every month. So, they obviously have time to plan, which they did not. Complete failure. That’s a lot of money to spend and be unsuccessful. If I delivered these results at my place of work, I’d be fired.

Looks like too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. About $2 million in combined salary. Very Sad!

OH MY.. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ??… these are their salaries??..for what??..unbelievable.

Florida, again, looks like a bunch of neanderthals trying to vote. How stupid can you get?

How stupid do you want them?

Take it easy on FL – at least they took a break from getting eaten by sharks after chumming off the pier, or alligators at the lake, or little kids shooting themselves with Daddy’s unprotected handgun, or a zillion other crazy crimes that only happen in godforsaken Florida…

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