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Rift-(noun) a crack, split or break in something.  The name of the band is Dark Rift.  Perhaps the name was born out of the fact that this duo are the survivors of the long time local favorite group, ZEN The Band,  who after their break up, began to experiment and develop their own brand of songwriting. Or perhaps the name is more of an indication of their off beat, comedic vocals with their quirky, self deprecating, a la Flight of The Conchords, style designed to crack you up. Turns out the name comes from the name of a black hole in our galaxy, Dark Rift, a black hole- (noun) a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter can escape….perhaps that is more of an adequate description of this quirky little band of two.

When Dark Rift perform, as they did last Sunday at Churchill’s, their instruments of choice are bass, played by Robert Bare, and drums, played by Addison Rex Smith. With a great sense of rhythm, Smith sets the tone and Bare digs out the groove, both lending their different vocal styles. With just the two instruments and no looping or synthesizers, this duo filled in beautifully with the melodic placement and tone of their voices. The best part of not having the typical heavy guitar licks, is that you can actually hear the lyrics, which is the point. There is no humor in lyrics if you can’t hear them. ”After our first show we got a great reaction of laughter out of the audience. It was then that we realized we are a comedy band and we decided to roll with the feel good vibes and just be the happiest, rockingest band we could be,” says Smith, who then added. “We attribute our tangible musical chemistry to our decade long friendship and years of performing as a band together.”

The set started with Pizza Men, a lean towards a sexual play on words until Smith, with his long, flaming red hair flying about as he pounds out his precision percussion sings, “personally it makes me sick because I’m lactose intolerant…”
In Future Space Party,  Bare belts out, with his rock-god looks and sardonic smile,  “Come with us on a journey into the future, through time and space, on a magic carpet ride, wait why would we take a magic carpet when we got a perfectly good spaceship….in the dark rift…Here we go..It’s the party life of the future..we’re taking cosmic shots…we’ll take your keys..why?? so nobody dies in the future!”

Other witty songs Dark Rift performed at Churchill’s last Sunday were Bad News Girls, Ghost, Dirt, Boat Cruise California and Slug, each with lyrics as off beat and humorous as the next, can be heard on their Facebook Page, or on their YouTube Channel.

Dark Rift released their first album this past May on their own indie label titled: Dark Rift – Aren’t You Glad It’s 2012?  DarkRiftMusic They are not wonton for material, as they are back in the studio and plan their second release later this year.

With a traditional rock core, a sprinkle of surf beat, a funky groove, and unsuspecting turns, this unique duo are certainly worth a listen, or better yet, worth checking our their next show.

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