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Toronto based band, Dragonette opened their set with lead singer, Martina Sorbara breathing new life into Cindi Lauper’s Time After Time at Grand Central. Though veterans of the local Miami club scene, last Friday was the first time they headlined with a full hour show. Martina expressed how excited they were to be able to play at their own pace and it was apparent, as the three cohesively popped and pumped rhythmically throughout their performance, stretching their creative talents from stage corner to stage corner. Gleefully nestled in the genre of electro-pop, 80s and house, their upbeat, eccentric style has staying power.

Their collaboration with DJ Martin Solveig, Hello, thrust this electro-pop trio into a world tour from relative obscurity with the rage of an out of control fire, but one can be certain they will not be a one hit wonder. With heavy 80’s influence from The Cars, Prince, Simple Minds, Lauper, and Madonna, and the infectious hooks of Martina’s crystal clear vocals, more pop anthems are sure to emerge. Though not particularly a cited influence, Martina Sorbara could be the offspring of Suzanna Hoffs (Bangles) with the same sweet but edgy vocal tone and style. The 80’s influence may explain the vast age difference of the jammed in and pumped up crowd, from 18 to 48, the lower end addicted to the electronic beat, the higher end nostalgic for the concise 80’s sound.

Martina Sorbara and Dan Kurtz merged their sensual, quirky songwriting skills and musical talents through the funnel of romance with a marriage a few years prior to adding drummer, Joel Stouffer to their efficient team over seven years ago. The eye candy is not limited to Martina’s pixie-punk, as Dan balances out the sexy behind his low wall of mixers, keyboards and bass, whilte Joel lays down the rhythmic beat, satisfying the runaway hormones of all their fans.

Midway through their set, Martina picked up her electric guitar to drop some licks into their basement pop, only to being stopped by bandmates for her misstep in timing. Taking it in stride she chided, “Don’t correct me in front of my friends” and quickly jumped right into step. Though electric is new for her, she has been playing acoustic since she was a kid. Expect to see more instrumentation in their future shows, “We would all like to be playing more, and different instruments live, especially if they’re a little outside of our comfort zone”, stated Kurtz.

In addition to her songwriting skills, Martina is a budding crossword puzzle creator, working on her third this year. A skillful wordsmith, in puzzles and in lyrics. Check out these skills and new tunes in their recently released album, Body Parts. Looking forward to another full set on their next return to the tropics.

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