News: Bike Lanes to Be Added to The Julia Tuttle Causeway

Bicyclists will soon have a much safer ride too and from Miami Beach as FDOT works on creating new and safer bike lanes to the Julia Tuttle Causeway.

Sandra Gotkin, 55, an avid bicyclist and a resident of Miami Beach is excited with the undertaking.

“My husband and I normally ride Sunday mornings and it can be hazardous especially when beach goers are coming onto the island. ” she said, “This is thrilling news. It will make it safer for all cyclists on both sides of the causeway.”

The project which will cost upwards of $700,000 is intended to create a connection for bicycles between the City of Miami and the City of Miami Beach.

The proposed bicycle facilities will be added by utilizing the existing shoulders on SR 112/ Julia Tuttle Causeway, adding a new railing to the barrier wall between the bridge and the water, creating bike lanes on entrance and exit ramps at Biscayne Boulevard and at Alton Road and adding electronic speed monitors and signs to alert drivers if they are going too fast.

The proposed connection serves to promote bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation, complement the existing bicycle lanes on the MacArthur Causeway, and provide an alternative route for bicyclists between the cities of Miami Beach and Miami.

“Besides the health aspect of bike riding, it’s nice to hear that the city is promoting green activities.” said Gotkin ” It’s one thing to talk about being green, it’s the actions that count and they start with government.”

FDOT is predicting some lane closures and detours during the construction period, but the City of Miami Beach has pledged to monitor and coordinate with FDOT the suspension of any lane closures if warranted especially during any major events taking place in the city during the work period.

Work is slated to be completed this fall.

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