News: Change Comes to Iconic Score

After 15 years as a Lincoln Road landmark, legendary club, Score, is relocating elsewhere on South Beach, while its owners also prepare to open a second, separate club aimed at the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) fan base.

On Friday, October 4, 2013 Score Bar will officially open at its new location, 1437 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach. Score Bar will call the downstairs space home, reinvigorating Score’s most infamous dance parties, providing Score’s customers with the same incredible DJs paired with a fantastic lighting and sound system. The new Score will also feature a brand new cocktail menu, showcasing the best mixology South Beach has to offer.

Upstairs the same owners of Score are opening a brand new nightclub and event venue, suggestively titled TRADE. The space will feature a custom sound system consisting of EAW speakers and subwoofers, powered by Powersoft K Series amplifiers and a brand new state-of-the-art lighting system that is guaranteed to immerse revelers in a full sensory dance experience.

Luis Morera and Billy Kemp, the people behind Score and now TRADE, make it clear that the two clubs are entirely separate entities. However, together in a famed Washington Avenue location, the two separate clubs promise to raise nightlife energy on the Avenue to an unparalleled level.

SunPost sat down with Morera to ask about the change and what to expect at Score and TRADE.

What was the motivation for the relocation of Score?

When we opened on Lincoln Road, nightlife was going through a revolution and Lincoln Road was drastically changing. It was the up and coming area in South Beach. Over 15 years, we have evolved with the nightlife in SoBe and our customers and we feel that the new Score is at the very epicenter of the current and future scene.

How will Score change in its new location, and how will it remain the same?

Score will always be Score and we will always do what we have done best: provide the community with the best entertainment, music and cocktails. Actually it is the same Score, just bigger, better and wilder than it was on Lincoln Road. The décor elements really take you back to the original days of partying and cocktailing in South Beach, while the upgraded state-of-the – art sound and lighting system will provide Score regulars with an ultimately new experience.

What will the larger space enable you to do with Score?

Throughout the month of September, we were running teaser ads that talked about the bigger, better, stronger Score and that is exactly what this new space will allow Score to do – evolve and grow into the next evolution of nightlife in South Beach. The space will lend itself to bigger parties, more famous DJs and, of course, wonderful performances by some of the biggest stars in the industry. When people think of Score’s new location, they should just think bigger and better!

Are you concerned with losing Score’s Lincoln Road visibility?

Like I said earlier, when we first opened our doors on Lincoln Road, 15 years ago, there was no one around us except for Tiramesu, and we not only thrived in that location, we grew with Lincoln Road. I think our new location is perfect for people who want to party hop, which is what going out in South Beach is all about. Within just a few blocks in a variety of directions, you have the Gay Visitor’s Center, TWIST, Palace and 12th Street Beach, among other gay landmarks. I feel that we are a piece of a puzzle that has been missing in that area.

The location Score is moving to has a long history in local nightlife. Tell us a little about that.

Our new space was formerly owned by the famed nightlife impresario Chris Paciello, and was known as Liquid. At the time, everyone from Madonna to Cher to Gianni Versace would regularly stop by Club Liquid to party with the fab and the glamorous. Liquid was known for having the most over-the-top parties and serving as the meeting place of people from all walks of life. The club kids, socialites, celebrities, gay boys, lesbians, and everything in between all felt at home at Club Liquid and that is exactly what we expect to bring back to this space.

How will TRADE differ from Score?

Score will continue to offer all the wonderful things our customers have loved so much about Score; a more intimate experience that focuses on great music, incredible entertainment, and, now, really great mixology. As for TRADE, we have built the venue around the music and the people that love it. Every detail of the space, from the state-of-the-art lighting system to the incredibly rich sound system to the beautiful and contemporary bars and décor elements have all been selected with the end user experience in mind. We want a full sensory experience for people when they come in to TRADE to hear their favorite Electronic Dance Music DJ.

Is TRADE targeted at the gay community?

It is important to note that TRADE and Score are actually two completely different venues. TRADE is a space that puts the music first and sexuality second. TRADE is for any and everyone who loves Electronic Dance Music.

Will Score and TRADE share staff?

We can’t really answer this question yet, as we are still hiring for both locations.

Describe the vibe you are going for at TRADE?

The vibe at TRADE can only be described as a full sensory dance music experience. Everything from the sound and lighting system, the to set up of the banquets, the design of the bar and various décor elements have all be hand selected to provide our customers with a one-of-a-kind first-hand experience with some of the best music and talent in the world!

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