News: City Settles with the Seville Hotel

At the beginning of June, the new Edition hotel at the site of the former Seville Hotel and owned by Marriott filed a lawsuit against the City of Miami Beach over their permits to demolish the boardwalk beachside.

The reason for the lawsuit was because the city, had a complete about face over allowing the Edition’s part of the Boardwalk to be demolished. This all started when Marriott together with developer Ian Shrager struck a deal with the city for the Edition project. The terms negotiated was that the Edition would demolish the crumbling boardwalk and replace it with a new beachwalk.

Both sides signed off on the plans and construction commenced.

And then according to the online blog, the son of the architect of the boardwalk got himself appointed onto the Miami Beach historic preservation board, where he began to campaign heavily to preserve the old boardwalk as historic. He was quite successful rallying the board, local residents and the city into reneging on their side of the deal. The city promptly refused to grant Marriott the agreed upon permit to demolish the boardwalk. The irony, they are required to demolish the boardwalk or they would be in default of the original agreement.

The Marriott, concerned that these delays would impact there opening date set for June 2014, promptly filed a lawsuit.

At last Wednesdays commission meeting the city and the Marriott came to an agreement to keep construction of the Edition on schedule. The city agreed to allow the hotel to demolish a part of the boardwalk, allowing the hotel to keep building. FOr their part of the agreement, The Marriott agreed to submit new applications that would take into consideration the concerns of the board and Miami Beach residents.

Residents would like the boardwalk to be elevated as it is now to allow the ocean views to be maintained.

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