News: Cocaine Worth $37 Million Seized by US Coast Guard


Somewhere a drug lord is pounding his fist on a golden table top.

On Tuesday the U.S. Coast Guard offloaded $37 million dollars worth of seized cocaine, 2500 pounds, at their Miami Beach base.

The stash was confiscated last week south of the Dominican Republic. The USCG spotted a speedy 25-foot boat carrying a suspicious cargo. A helicopter was sent to intercept, and sparked an oceanic high speed chase.

According to a release, the helicopter crew fired warning shots to compel the vessel to stop. The individuals on the boat were then observed tossing their wears into the ocean before being detained. Four suspects were taken into custody, and 45 bales of cocaine were retrieved.

The bales made an impressive photo opp, as they were waked off the Coast Guard Cutter Sitkinak and stacked up for the media.

The USCG was assisted in the arrest by their international partners in an anti-narcotic initiative.

“This historic operation is a result of a dedication to improved interoperability and highlights the great success and commitment of our inter-agency partnerships to stop the illegal flow of narcotics into the United States,” said Rear Admiral Jake Korn in a statement.

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