News: Del Vecchio: Manager Candidates Disappointing

After scouring the 61 resumes submitted in response to Miami Beach’s search for a new city manager, local civic activist and South Pointe Residents Association spokesman Frank Del Vecchio says he is displeased with the crop of six candidates whom a search firm narrowed down and presented to the city.

That short list has since been winnowed to four candidates.

Del Vecchio complained that he spent “a most disappointing afternoon” reading over 61 resumes. “With one exception, all the submissions consist of boilerplate resumes, a couple of them with pro forma cover letters.

He reported that the Tallahassee search firm Bob Murray & Associates conducted 15 Nexis-Google searches and just 7 telephone interviews with potential candidates.

Of the six who were chosen by the firm, Del Vecchio said he found their resumes “not convincing in light of the special challenges confronting our city.”

“The great majority of resumes describe candidates with little or no relevant experience, mostly small jurisdictions, and many with no directly related experience whatsoever,” he said in a message to the mayor and commissioners.

He pointed out that in the 2000 search that netted Jorge Gonzalez, candidates were asked to describe relevant experience and interest in the city managership. “Except for one submission [in the 2012 batch], all the responses were generic, not even directly addressing the four highlighted ‘Key Issues and Challenges’ identified in the [city's] announcement” of the position, Del Vecchio noted.

He complained that two job seekers – former Cutler Bay Town Manager Steven Alexander and former Glendale, Ariz., City Manager Edward Beasley III – were not well vetted by the search firm

Alexander, he pointed out, was fired in June by the Cutler Bay town council, and Beasley left his position in June under what Del Vecchio described as political pressure for “financing terrible deals smacking of the Marlins Stadium fiasco.”

“I’m incredulous about the search process,” an exasperated Del Vecchio declared. “It’s astonishing that the search firm omitted or overlooked basic info such as this in its report to the commission.”

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