News: Beach Millionaire Jailed For Marrying Off Teen Son in Vegas

Dan Rotta

Court Orders Dan Rotta to Take His 16-Year-Old to Utah Boarding School

Miami Beach Millionaire Dan Rotta, 65, who resides on Fisher Island island is currently embroiled in a bitter ongoing dispute with his ex-wife, Renee Rotta.

She had asked the court to send their son – who suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder, which leads him to lash out – to Logan River Academy in Utah. Court records paint a picture of the couple’s son as a highly intelligent but troubled young man who has attended several Florida boarding schools over the years. Logan River Academy is a boarding school that bills itself as a “boarding school for troubled teens”. The son was arrested in 2010 after punching a police officer during a tantrum. The case was later dropped.

A judge approved the request in November 2010, and Dan Rotta was supposed to take his son to the Utah school the next month. Judge Emas urged Rotta – who made his fortune by importing Seiko watches – to take the teen to the school immediately. He said at the court ruling: ‘All I know is that with each passing moment we lose or negate the probability that the child will be saved. I’m not going to allow anything to prevent that from happening.”

Instead, court records show Rotta took his son to Las Vegas the day after his 16th birthday, where the teen married the 18-year-old daughter of Rotta’s Colombian housekeeper. The marriage made the son an adult, thereby removing him from the court’s oversight. In Nevada, it is legal for a 16 year to wed, providing there is at least one parent’s consent.

Instead, of taking his son to the boarding school as ordered,  Dan Rotta took his son to Las Vegas and the teen married the 18-year-old daughter of Rotta’s housekeeper.

The judge wrote in his order that “It is hard for this court to imagine a bolder, more egregious example of indirect criminal contempt,” and sentenced the senior Rotta to a jail tern of 180 days.

Rotta’s lawyers argued that his son would not have been allowed into the boarding school anyway because of the divorce battle between his parents.

The teen is now living in his father’s luxury penthouse and would not discuss the situation,  When asked if the marriage is a sham, the teen said, “It’s not. We’ve known each other for eight years.” His wife is believed to be in Miami.

Rotta only served nine days in jail before posting $10,000 pending the appeal.

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