News: Live Streaming Underwater Video Event to Celebrate World Oceans Day

Every year on June 8 communities around the globe celebrate World Oceans Day as an opportunity to learn more about the ocean and take action to help conserve it. For this year’s World Oceans Day events, Way Down Video is organizing Florida Keys Ocean in Motion to join with thousands of individuals around the world for fun and educational actions.

Celebrate your personal connection to the sea, by heading down to Key West and participate in this live dive or Ocean Promise to raise awareness about the crucial role the ocean plays in our lives and the increasingly critical need for each of us to help conserve its wonders and resources.

This year, Way Down Video Productions and Key West Broadband combine technologies to LIVE stream video from underwater. Take ocean conservation personally by sharing an Ocean Promise with the folks at  Way Down Video from underwater. This will be first time to for an Underwater Live Video Streaming Event, that will be shown over the world. Be creative, be unique, be underwater.

If Ocean lovers can’t make it to Key West, then send them a photo of your own Ocean Promise from your favorite dive spot or land location and they will post it on Way Down Video’s social media. In addition to the events planned in dozens of countries worldwide, people everywhere can join the Ocean Promise drive by changing one habit in their lives that helps result in a healthier ocean.

Florida Keys Ocean in Motion is scheduled for Sunday, June 8th.  Streaming Live video from 20ft. underwater at Sand Key Reef, (8.5 miles offshore of Key West, FL). Sunday evening there will be a special free screening of the documentary film Atlantis by Luc Besson in the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center’s theater at 7pm in Key West.

This World Oceans Day, please join Florida Keys Ocean in Motion to celebrate the world oceans with friends and family, do your Ocean Promise to help conserve your favorite ocean area or ocean animal and please spread the word. We hope everyone will have tons of fun celebrating, sharing their knowledge, and showing how small actions can add up to make a big difference to keep our oceans clean and healthy!

“We promise to educate people about our Living Ocean”

TO GO: Florida Keys Ocean in Motion is scheduled on Sunday, June 8th 2014 to start at 1oam to 2pm streaming Live video from 20ft. underwater at Sand Key Reef, (8.5 miles offshore of Key West, FL). Dive centers will join at the location, snorkelers and private boats are also welcome to join in. For more info on the event and the ocean go here and here.

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