News: MDPL Denied Demolition Appeal for 42 Star Island


Plans Underway to Appeal.

Another step in the twisted trail of 42 Star Island came to ahead on Monday, when the Miami Design Preservation League were denied their appeal to stop Lisa and Leonard Hochstein from demolishing the 1920′s mansion that has been the center of worldwide attention.

Undeterred, the MDPL will take their case to court to appeal the demolition approval. It does not end there however, because the City of Miami Beach is still investigating the historic status of the faded Walter deGarmo designed manse. Last month MDPL were granted the right to move the process forward to designate the home as historic.

This issue between the Hoschsteins, he a plastic surgeon known as “The Boob God,” and she a cast member of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Miami has had so many twists and turns it has become more salacious than a Lifetime Channel Movie of the Week.

The fun began when the Hochsteins bought 42 Star Island as a tear down so that they could create their dream home. They promptly hired Architect Kobi Karp who designed a replacement McMansion complete with ionic columns, parapets, balustrades and garland moldings. But once plans were submitted to the Miami Beach Design Review Board for approval things according to the Hochsteins, took a major turn for the worse. The Hochstein demolition plans caught the attention of MDPL who in turn filed a request to designate the house as historic to help protect it from demolition.

Then it got interesting.

Both sides hired attorney’s and the case of 24 Star Island played out in the media with both sides diametrically opposed on all issues. The Hochsteins claimed the house was unlivable and crumbling and brought in an engineer to back them up. MDPL disagreed and brought in their own engineer to study the house. More drama ensued that eventually played out over Twitter when the Hochsteins threw a Gangster-themed party at the mansion complete with fake blood on the walls and machine guns. The MDPL were appalled and pointed out that the house was in fine shape if the Hochsteins were using it for parties

But the real facts of the case still need to be determined and Mondays decision by a special master, although a big victory for the Hochsteins, still does not allow them to pull the house down.

In his ruling the special master allowed that the MDPL itself legally is able to appeal any city board decisions.

Leonard Hochstein told the Miami Herald that he expected MDPL to appeal.

“They’ll lose. They’ll delay us and they’ll cost us more money, but that’s what these people do,” he said.


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