News: Miami Beach Has An Official Sunscreen?

The Beach is going commercial again, this time with the Commissioners tentative approval of a deal to put the city logo on a sunscreen line which includes a fragrance.

The beach line will be tentatively called MB, Miami Beach and will include cream, sunscreen and sunless tanners that contain salt water, sea form, sea kelp, sand and other high-quality products and sea elements representing the Miami Beach brand.

Some residents are not too happy with this new trend to “brand” the City of Miami Beach.

“First Coke and now sunscreen. What is wrong with these people? How commercial can they get? The beach has always been above this kind of commercial pandering.” said North Beach resident Mimi Rodriguez. ” Does the city really need the money? That is the only reason I can come up with for these kind of crude marketing deals.”

South Beach resident, Frank Smythe was also not happy with the idea. “More products? Good there is an election coming up. Maybe some fresh perspectives can stop this fast running train to commercialism that we’re on.” He went on to say, “And, I am in advertising. I even think it is too much.”

The company that brought the idea to the City is Destination Brands, owned by Benjamin León III of Leon Medical Centers. Product Quest Manufacturing would produce the line.

The deal could be finalized as soon as Monday, according to Miami beach City Attorney Jose Smith with a five year option to renew on the table. The City would net between three to nine percent of the net sales and up to one percent would go toward beach clean ups and sun protection education.

Max Sklar, Tourism , Culture and Economic Development director told the Miami Herald “Obviously South Beach is an internationally-known brand, and so is Miami Beach, but one of the compelling reasons for this is we get to strengthen the Miami Beach brand. We want to continue to build and reinforce it.”

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