News: Miami Beach Hosts South Pointe Jetty Cleanup with ECOMB

Wells Fargo Bank employees and eager, green volunteers gathered at lunchtime on Tuesday, August 23 to support ECOMB’s Eco-Partnership Programand cleanup the South pointe Jetty on Miami Beach. And cleanup they did. Digging deep, volunteers removed over 40 bags of trash during this go-green cleanup effort sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank. Joining the ECOMB team in the cleanup was Wells Fargo, Alton Road branch staff members as well as other local volunteers.

Litter on the South Pointe Jetty as well as on other beaches in Dade County, has been a hot button issue with activist’s and residents alike. It affects aquatic life and the economy. Cleanup efforts by the Miami-Dade County and other municipalities have increased tremendously, but so have the number of visitors and, consequently, the volume of trash.

To volunteer for ECOMB’s next cleanup or to become a sponsor here.

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