News: Mock DUI-Car Crash Teaches Teens Reality

The Miami Beach Fire Rescue & Police Departments along with The City of Miami Beach, The Miami Beach Coalition for a Safe, Healthy & Drug-Free Community, Florida Dept. of Transportation, Commissioner Exposito’s office, South Beach Tow Recovery and Entertainment, and Riverside Gordon Memorial Chapel held the Semi-Annual “You Only Live Once” Teen Anti-DUI program last Tuesday. to prepare teenagers for the do’s and don’ts of driving. This award-winning program was held on the local streets of Miami Beach on 24th Terrace between Pine tree Drive and Flamingo Drive.

This live, simulated DUI car crash resulted in one death and several serious injuries designed to teach over 65 Miami Beach Hebrew Academy High school students about the grave consequences of drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs, including distracted driving and then driving a motor vehicle. In addition, this year’s format added an extra emphasis of texting and talking on the phone while driving, which addresses a serious hazard affecting many youth.

Using make-up, a gallon or so of fake blood, and actual crashed vehicles, the impact of what the audience views shows upon their faces.

“If experience is the best teacher, then the goal was to substitute an actual experience with a realistic educational experience that can be used as a reference for good judgment at the moment when peer pressure may force students to make difficult choices,” stated David Mogen, Public Education Coordinator for Miami Beach Fire Rescue Retired.

Administrators, teachers and students worked together with other community partners to produce this realistic drama. The Florida State Department of Transportation provided the Traffic safety-related educational and promotional items. South Beach Towing supplied the crashed motor vehicles to help create realism for the high school students who witnessed this event. In addition, every agency that would be called upon to respond to this type of incident does what they normally do. The Police responded and performed the accident investigation, sobriety test and arrest. Fire Rescue extricated the victims, stabilizeg them and transportrd them to the Hospital. Four funeral home attendants examined, carrird and loaded the deceased into a black hearse. This year, to create an even more dramatic and cultural impact, a mock funeral for the deceased, arranged by Riverside Gordon Memorial Chapels, ended the program.

This year Miami Beach retired Police Officer, David Porter was honored for Above the Influence Day.

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